The Perfect Workout

Are you ready for a fast-acting, functional and fun way to get fit at home?  

Optimize your body with these three pilates based sequences.  This combo of proven fitness toners will transform your body inside and out.

Learn how to move better so you can feel better AND use workout time wisely. Form is on fleek with alignment instructions for healthy joints and perfect posture.  Use body weight to gain strength, core stability, total body mobility and endurance and all with a smile!!!

It is a tried and true blueprint of how I have helped thousands of babes in my classes and training sessions.  If you’ve been suffering from aches and pains and know that it’s from lack of movement, try this fun workout to keep that booty moving.

Always clear a new exercise program with your doctor if you’re new to physical activity. 

Tone up in no time- with less strain than most classical styles of pilates or yoga.  Surround yourself with the green scenes of New York city’s Central Park, all without leaving your home. 

I’ve broken it down into three parts. If you do all three with no breaks you’ll burn fat as you gain core strength.  Short on time,my busy boss babe?  Try one or two videos each day until you can complete all three. For best results, try this routine two or three times a week.

1.  The Warm Up

First well warm up with mobility drills to loosen joints and light cardio to slowly raise the heart and turn your body heat up!  It also keeps you safe & injury free.  These moves focus on dynamic stretches- which is just a fancy ay of saying activestretches.  AS opposed to static stretching, where you lay and hold a stretch.  Dynamic stretching is more alignment based and it strengthens your muscles in the stretched position.  

The lunges squats and twists will also provide light cardio training- perfect if you need more steps in today.   I am so sorry that the audio is a little bit funky on this one. I filmed it in front of a fountain, just a lesson this newbie vlogger knows for next time.

2.  Core Sculpting Pilates

Next is all about the core. This 10 minute combo of core tightening and waist trimming moves are the perfect way to tone up and optimize your spine health. Remember that your abdominal muscles purpose is to support your spine.

Pilates is proven to both lengthen and strengthen your torso keeping your back healthy and pain free.  In this video we will fully work the abdominals, obliques, lower back as well as hips and butt.

3.  Stretch It

Lastly we’ll end with yoga stretches designed to balance and restore well being to tense muscles. Well breathe deep and reach long through our limbs to combat tightness/  i use a therband in this sequence but you may use a towel or tee shirt if you do not have one.


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I have 17 years of experience helping people look and feel fit, fierce and fabulous in far less time then traditiona routines.  I want you to be strong, fit, and happy.  I can help you attain this for your own - for free.