Joker Yoga for #HalloweenFITFun Week 2

Breathe Stretch and Tone

Welcome to a relaxing full body stretching Yoga series with Joker Jessi

We all have bad days, but any day can be made better with some sweat and a smile- even if the smile has to be painted on:)

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Super Sculpt Unicorn Magic Circle - Week 1 for #HalloweenFITFun

Are you ready for Halloween? It may be feeling like fall but so often my outfits get smaller this time of year…

The Magic Circle is my go to for butt, thighs and abs exercises at home.  If you’re looking to super sculpt before you suit it up into your super hero tights this yeear- I GOT YOU

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5 Day Magical Morning Challenge

Do you struggle to wake up in the morning?

Does your whole body ache and feel tight when you get up?  

Learn to start your day right, relieve tension and feel amazing and energized!

Let’s transform your mornings into your favorite time of the day!

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How I Get My Unicorn Hair

A salon visit for multi colored hair can cost anywhere from 250- 600 dollars depending on your location - this look does not come cheap. 

Due to the cost of maintaining- I’ve learned to DIY my own ombre colors

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Total Body Unicorn Magic Circle Workout

Are you sick of the same old same old Pilates ring moves?

Are you craving some new moves with the Magic Circle?

Join in for a Unique Full Body Intense Pilates Ring

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What I'll Miss About San Francisco

Six years ago I left New York City for my California adventure.

Since I was a little girl, it was my dream to be a California Girl.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful people I’ve met, the beautiful sites I’ve seen and most importably- the experience of seeing life from the west coast.

go… before I do

Here’s what I’ll miss the most….

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Beginner Pilates Challenge

Do you struggle to stay consistent with your workouts?

Is your back achey from all those long hours?  

Learn to tone up, relieve tension and transform your core all from the comfort of your home.

Welcome to my  FREE 7 Day Beginner Pilates Challenge!   

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Quick Intense Pilates Ring Workout for Abs Buns & Thighs

Q: What do you get when you cross a pebble with a ring?

A: A rock n Roll!

Let’s rock through this super fast Pilates Ring workout!

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Unicorn Tone & Sculpt

Let’s tone & sculpt, unicorn style! Grab your magic circle and join on in!

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Top 10 Celebrities Who Do Pilates

Pilates has been used for decades by Hollywood, Fashionistas and Athletic Elite.

But do you know which ones rely on it now? Scroll through to see my favorite star studded Pilates bodies,

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7 Ways to Clean Your Home Gym Sustainably

How often do you wash off your mat? 

What about your dumbbells?

With spring here I can see the sun shining in such a way that it really displays all dust all over my home studio!  Let’s keep it tidy Pilates style… 

Since it’s Earth Month I wanted to show you how I keep my cleaning green, too!  Wipes and harsh chemicals are not so great for the planet.  See below for alternatives that will be easier on the earth and your wallet!

Sustainable Tips to Spring Clean Your Home Gym

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