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Jessi FIT Pilates is an Online Pilates,
Fitness and Wellness Company.

Transformational Online Coaching for the modern day urban (and post- urban) warrior.

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Core Challenges: 5, 7, 14 or 21 Days

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Tone your Core • Improve Strength and Energy • Get Flexible

Reduce Back Pain • Learn Studio Quality Pilates at Home 

Jessi knows when you are really focusing, or, like me ‘I know you’re talking to avoid working harder, Stacy.’ I met Jessi when she first trained in Pilates I was lucky enough to be her first client in 2003. She made it easy and understandable, and I truly felt it making a difference immediately. I know what I learned from Jessi helped my arthritis and I never would make it through the surgery so easily than if I didn’t have Pilates. Jessi pays attention to learn your strengths and limitations to make the best workout program so you can achieve their goals.
— Stacy S, New York, NY
One of the most important aspects of working with Jessi is that I always knew that no matter how personal our conversations became she kept them private. Jessi is not a gossip. I am a private teacher and mentor in another field, at NYU and Yale University and know how critically important this is when working with someone in an intimate setting. My Pilates sessions with Jessi never became routine. I always felt she dealt with who I was physically and psychologically at the moment in a creative way. I describe Jessi as a sculptor. She is an artist who goes beyond the craft. She knew what I needed at every session. In a true Pilates tradition I always came away energized and refreshed. There was mysticism in every session.
— Humbert Lucarelli, Musician, New York, NY

Jessi FIT Pilates is your Online home for Healthy Living and Home Fitness.

Her mission is NO STUDIO NO PROBLEM!

We want you to enjoy all the benefits of machine Pilates in the comfort of YOUR home
using small props or just your own bodyweight.  

No gym or super expensive equipment needed.  
Go Green & reduce your carbon footprint without having to drive to your workouts.


Jessi’s FIT Plan

Fitness. Pilates. FUN!!!

Your exclusive yet affordable daily workout plan to get fit toned and flexible!

Fitness & Pilates Workout Plan to:
• Feel fabulous by getting leaner and stronger.  
• Integrate a mind body balance, tone up and gain confidence.
• Integrate fitness into your life and calendar and fit better into your clothes
• Understand the basics of FIT Pilates, form & alignment, breath & flow
• Sculpt and stretch your tummy, back and thighs with easy to follow step by step videos.



Jessi’s YouTube channel will give you 24/7 access to the most inspiring Pilates workouts, healthy recipes and so much more... let’s get fit toned and flexible together!


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