Are you ready to get fit toned & flexible in next 90 days?  

Transform your core and nourish yourself inside and out.

Learn to love the way your body looks, feels, and moves. 


Jessi FIT Platinum is the premium bespoke fitness & lifestyle experience. 

Experience bespoke fitness, tailored to your unique needs and goals. 

Build your strongest and body ever through stainable mind body movement and nutrition practice.  

Evaluate your habits and educate yourself on forming new ones to change the way you look at fitness forever

Become the best possible version of YOU

It is for busy babes looking to transform the way they move and feel- even if they are under constant stress- to enjoy life and all the fun (and even decadent) things it offers!   

Embark on a high end fitness concierge curated experience.  

Jessi will evaluate assess and teach intelligent exercise and sound nutrition.  Seamlessly blend strength and flexibility under the guidance of a master level instructor.  Learn to balance your cravings to fuel your workouts and life properly.  Through habit changing work and meal preparedness we will boost your energy levels, and efficiently reach your body goals.  No matter how busy you are.   

Your fitness lifestyle will be taken absolutely care of with this completely done for you experience. 

Constant assessment, contact and communication with Jessi will allow for reactive changes and on the go survival tips.  Access Jessi almost anywhere for support motivation or questions.


Hey – I Get It

Here’s my confession:

I made a commitment to optimal health a long time ago.  My evolution from gym rat to fitness instructor didn’t surprise anyone who knew me well.  I collected fitness certifications like a girl scout collects badges. 

Wanna know how to gain 40 lbs in 6 weeks?

You see, right after I earned my first Personal Training certification, I decided to enter a bodybuilding contest.  I went on an extreme diet where I reduced my calorie intake severely and broke my body down  My knees and joints hurt.  All. The. Time.  While I looked fit, I felt sluggish.  I had to drag myself out of bed each morning because I had no energy. I wanted to win  - no matter what the cost was to my body.

I achieved my personal goal and placed 5th in the fitness competition. 

I was so happy to be finished with that grueling regimen, that I immediately resumed my pre-competition eating and workout habits.  Which wrecked my metabolism and I gained 40 pounds fast.  Which is less-than-awesome for most people. And mortifying as a fitness professional.

Fortunately, I found Pilates and just fell in love with the results!  It corrected the alignment of my knees and my pain vanished. It remedied the posture I’d ruined by overtraining… The bonus was that it helped me get lean again.

I also started to experiment with a variety of foods.  And I earned my nutrition certification.  I loved how it taught me how to prepare and eat delicious and nutritious foods.

So I combined my nutrition knowledge with Fitness & Pilates, and got myself back in shape and feeling great. Without starving myself or working out relentlessly……

Jessi of Jessi Fit Pilates

If I Can Do It, You Can Too!

That’s why I created Jessi FIT Platinum - so that you can have my FULL attention and get back to feeling and looking amazing.

My Platinum program will help you transform into your best self so that you’ll:

  • Bound out of bed each morning EXCITED to face the day- you’ll have a complete outline of what to do each day health wise

  • Scheduled workouts on YOUR time based on YOUR needs

  • Learn to change your mindset and tune out that negative self talk

  • Fit back into your favorite “Bootylicous” jeans without feeling deprived

  • Nourish yourself with easy-to-prepare meals that are so delicious and nutritious you’ll feel as energized as CardiB sparkling and twerking on stage.

  • Or have Jessi set up cooked or DIY meal delivery services tailored to your macros and needs.

  • Jessi can research ahead of any travel arrangements you have to create healthy meals plans no matter WHERE you go

You’ll never feel deprived and I won’t make you eat food you do not like.

You will have someone to encourage you motivate you workout with you plan for you and empower you to become the healthiest version of yourself

When you feel this good it will translate, powerfully and confidently in other areas of your life

You’ve tried this on your own…

 Ready to go pro and experience the most tailored pilates solution on the planet????

Jessi FIT Platinum is your solution…..

  • Meet 2, 3, or 4 times per week Live via Skype Zoom or faceTime with Jessi.

  • Bespoke Service- balanced custom program for strength flexibility and cardio fitness. 

  • It’s all your level, goals and what equipment you have available 

Personalized nutritional guidance and coaching:

  • Flexible eating approach with a strong emphasis on whole foods

  • Can be adapted to ANY plan - Plant based, Paleo, etc.

  • Kitchen makeovers and help deciphering all the nutrition noise.

  • Assistance with Meal delivery set up ahead of travel plans

Bespoke Pilates & Fitness Training

  • Daily check-ins:

  • Unlimited e-mail and text support with extended hours access (9am-9pm PST) 7 days per week

  • including finding and having meals delivered to you (subject to your local availability)

  • MADE FOR YOU videos for the days we don’t meet online

  • Set up Fitness tracking and Habit Tracking

  • Coaching & Accountability: weekly opportunities to talk strategy,strategy, if not daily.

    COMPLETE MOTIVATIONAL HELP - I’m 100% in to support you, hold you accountable and give you the tools you need. 

     It’s all about you and your results.  This is nothing like normal personal training or pilates private work.

We’ll be in this together…

You Don’t Have To Take My Word For It. Take Theirs.

jessi fit pilates results

The above are unedited photos taken for instagram. No photoshop & no filter….

Jessi has helped me get active without the pressure of being in a gym or working out all the time!  Her videos are fun and easy to follow along but they really make you feel the burn!

“I got results in just one week, my core is tighter and I feel great in just 20 minutes a day! I always look forward to my FaceTime sessions with Jessi. She keeps me on track and the instruction is personalized to by bodies abilities. Creating a schedule together that I could stick to keeps me motivated to hit my goals.

— Kate

“The instructions are clear and I feel so good. After completing the plan I have more energy and my old skinny jeans fit me!

— Sarah G


Here’s What To Do Next

No matter how long it’s been since you felt fit, we can get you back to optimal health. Together. 

If you’re ready to transform into the best version of yourself, click the big button below.