Pilates In Paradise

How do you get inspired to exercise?  The outdoor air and open skies keep me motivated.  I love to get outside and get fit.  For many women, staying bikini ready is also a major motivating factor...

If you start doing Pilates and yoga now, in the winter there will be less of a rush to get in shape come May

On my trip to Thailand over the fall,I woke up at dawn to film this three-part exercise series.  Yes, getting up early can be a struggle! When you workout first thing in the morning there are no interruptions. 

It is much easier to blow off an evening workout for dinner plans, the last minute work deadline or a Netflix session.  In my case, I was able to film a spectacular sunrise yoga session for you.  The results were worth the initial sacrifice.

“In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body.” - Joseph H Pilates

beach yoga jessi fit pilates.JPG

Try this three-part workout to experience the benefits of building a strong core and leaner more flexible limbs. You will stand taller, feel lighter and be leaner. 

Tone up all over: back and sides, triceps, hips, abs, waist, thighs and buttocks and feel better than ever

This yoga and pilates inspired flow was filmed in Phuket, Thailand.  Make sure you tune in at the end to hear my travel tips.


Grab a mat and let’s build mobility and flexibility.

This leads to better posture and well being.  The sounds of the ocean and the sights of the sunrise will help to inspire you to stay moving through this series.  It's safe for all levels and you don’t need any equipment. 

Try it first thing in the morning to get your day started right.  You can use this a warm up before heavy exercises or a big run.  After completing this workout you will feel longer and stronger!


2.  8-minute Pilates -Abs & Core

jessi fit pilates 8 minute abs

Next up is an intense pilate workout for abs obliques and lower back- lets tighten and tone your entire core quickly. 

This is a go-to sequence I use in many of my in-person pilates classes.  A quick and efficient workout that will be felt through your whole midsection plus we'll hit some arms and legs!  Special attention will be on the lower back and obliques, which are on the sides of your waist. 

Plus the view just cant be beaten!  Remember, abs are made in the kitchen.  Combine my ab workouts with regular full body workouts and clean eating to maximize your results.

Add in some of my  HIIT workouts to lower your body fat percent, which is where how you’ll get to see those six pack cuts.  


resistance band jessi fit pilates workout

The band is a lightweight and easy to travel with budget friendly prop.  

This workout is great for anybody that wants to get fit fast!  It is all levels, and as always if something doesn’t feel right just omit it.  Your only competition is you! 

So be gentle on your joints as we use the band to focus on arms, legs, core butt back and thighs!

What keeps you motivated to workout?

Is it for a vacation you have planned?  Do you have a race or event coming up?  Share it below in the comments so we can stick to our goals togeher:)