Tips & Tricks for Fit Girl Skin Care

Fit Girl Skin Care- Anti Aging and Anti Acne 5 Top Tips 

Plus my AM & PM Routines!

Ever since I turned 40 I have been on a mission to stay looking young inside and out!  Did you know that girls who sweat have different skin needs? 

I've been working out daily since I was 18 and I've always had oily skin.  I have made a lot of mistakes along the way - I really wish I didn’t go in the sun as much in my 20s- freckles are really age spots!  My body is covered with them and I really wish I applied sunscreen at the beach all those summers.

How it feels when i wake up tp glowing smooth and breakout free skin!!!

How it feels when i wake up tp glowing smooth and breakout free skin!!!

I know how much you work on your body- daily workouts and eating right are not always easy!  I want you to feel confident and not feel sad about your skin.  

I am sharing my full skin care routine in the video as well as my top 5 secrets for staying zit and wrinkle-free- even when your sweating!  In the video, I go into detail about each point plus I give nutrition tips to support healthy glowing skin.


  • #Fitgirls sweat more- we lose our water when we sweat. -
  • make sure to drink your weight in ounces- if you re 100 ponds drink 100 ounces per day, add a bit more if you sweat heavily.
  • Water keeps metabolism supported  which helps rejuvenate the skin- remember we are 90 percent water
  • Dehydration will increase the look of lines and wrinkles!

2a. Wash your hands and all the exerise things....

  • Wash your hands often we tend to touch things then touch our face
  • When was the last time you washed your dumbbells?  Magic circle? yoga strap?  
  • Your phone, gym equipment, and mats all need to be clean to  prevent breakouts (and spreading gross flu germs)
  • I use a solution of Dr. Brommer'sand water in a spray bottle.  Make sure to dilute with quite a bit of water- a little bit goes a long way
  • Keep hair out of your pretty face during workouts- ponytails and headbands work great.  Notice I use a side ponytail or braid so I can lay on my back and do pilates ab work without it hurting my neck

2B.  Clean Yo Face ...

  • Wash your face every night!  this one I struggle with but res get logged with germs and bacteria and that's what can cause breakouts
  • Don't over wash!  no more than two times per day
  • Some girls with dry skin wash once per day, they wash at night.  In the morning you can try a rosewater solution spray just to wipe down the follow with the rest of your moisturizing routine
  • YES!! I do wear makeup during workouts but some girls like to carry wipes to the gym to take off heavy heavy makeup (think primer plus foundation plus powder plus contour and etc...) 
  • I will list all of the products used below with links or watch the video to see them in action. 
  • Water not too hot or cold- for both face and hand washing.


Bottoms Up!

Bottoms Up!

3.  SPF everrrry day!

  • Especially if you are exercising outdoors! 
  • When driving- people get skin cancer on one side of their face even from it.
  • I started in my early 20s and it been the one thing I have been super consistent with on my face without it, you’re subjecting yourself to sun damage - age spots 
  • My body I was not so diligent about sunblock- as I have gotten older its freckled from the sun and they do not disappear.
  • Layer SPF containing products- moisturizer than foundation or bb cream then bronzers that may have it.  
  • This is true for hair too!  I keep mine back in the sun and my head covered if I am serious about keeping these rainbow colors!  


4.  Exfoliation is key

  • Every cell in your body lives for a few years then new ones grow as the old ones die
  • This is true for skin- dead skin cells build up- you can look dull or ashy
  • Fit girls have faster metabolisms generally so we regenerate faster- need to do it more
  • Sweat  and dirt can get trapped in pores with makeup along with things like environmental dirt and debris

Different Ways To Exfoliate:

  • Sonic Cleansing Brush
  • scrubs
  • microdermabrasion
  • retinals
  • enzymes like BHAs and  salicylic acids
  • peels
Choices choices choices....

Choices choices choices....

These have all worked for me at different times... for breakouts and for aging skin.

I'm showing the Clairsonic Sonic Cleansing Brush for my exfoliation- shout out to them for giving me brush-head set to review.  I bought the Mia2 several years back. Clairsonic sent me the brushes to test and review these opinions are my own and I’m grateful for my sponsors as they allow me to keep creating without digging into my pockets for materials!


  • Eat more antioxidant-rich foods!  Fruits and vegetables are high in this generally as are many spices, beans, legumes, and nuts.
  • Eliminate processed foods like fast food or really most things that come in a sealed bag.  This can even include seemingly "healthy" food.  The chemicals and preservatives and food dyes can affect your hormones.  Hormones greatly affect acne and oil production.  Can you pronounce everything on the label?  If not it is considered processed.
  • Eat low glycemic foods.  No white sugars, white flour, whole grains only!  Insulin response triggers a response in your skin- when you eat sugary crap it seems to tie into acne
  • 5-8 seeing a fruit and vegetables, you will be able to fight the age-causing free radicals in your system.  Free radicals help to produce elastin and collagen in your body which repairs damage in the skin
  • Focus on dark green and purple fruits and vegetable
  • Try eliminating or cutting down on dairy products= many people do well for acne without this, and many beauty blogs swear by it.
  • wheat and gluten- if you are allergic to these and consuming them you may wind up with sky issues
One of the reasons I love cacao in my smoothies!

One of the reasons I love cacao in my smoothies!

See the above graphic for foods that are known to have the antioxidants and phytonutrients that can aid skin repair and boost collagen and elastin production.  These help to keep you looking youthful.  Please DON'T eat anything that you are allergic to.  And some of these should, of course, be used in moderation ( ahem red wine)

See below for the video, I go into full detail about my top tips:)

See below for the links or above to see it in action.

See below for the links or above to see it in action.

I hope these tips are helpful for you!  Now don't be afraid to hit the newly cleaned mat for your next sweat sesh.

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