How To Use The Foam Roller

If you haven't melted your muscles on the foam roller you are missing out!  This fitness prop helps to relieve pain when you roll tight muscles gently over it.  So many of us are carrying extra tension in our bodies from too much sitting and screen time. 

 Rolling is a form of self myofascial release.  It's proven to relieve muscle soreness and increases flexibility by affecting the nervous system. Rolling out your pressure points, will soothe your muscles, and studies  show it calms the nervous system via an increase in vagal activity in the brain, and, reduced levels of stress.


Repeated motion or poor posture forms tight knots known as adhesions.  Adhesions grip on the nerves and can cause spasm.  When you roll you are literally sending signals to your muscles to relax- deeper then stretching alone can achieve.  Muscle tissue quality is also increased, which takes away the 'tight" feeling.

To alleviate hip and back tension, I recommend rolling 2-3 times per week.  I squeeze it in at night watching television!

Use the below full body foam roller workout to increase your mobility.  Try it before your strength or sports routine.  Rolling will allow deeper range of motion (and therefore RESULTS)  in exercises ilke squats lunges and many yoga poses!   

After a run or HIIT session foam rolling can really help to increase circulation to those tired muscles and the ligaments.   It is a great idea to gently roll the hip flexors and quads so you do not tense up.  Click below to get started!  We'll be rolling out our:

  • Hamstrings (Back of Thigh)
  • Glutes (Booty)
  • Calves (lower leg
  • •Quads & Hip Flexors (front of thigh)
  • IT Band
  • Upper Back & Mid Back 

Did you also know that the foam roller can be used to strengthen your core?  I love it for Pilates workouts! It requires more concentration and focus to balance without tipping off the roller....  Make sure to steady your breath to stabilize your body!  In order to balance you will need to engage all of the core stablizing muscles which are located up and down your spine.  

Many of the moves I teach in my Reformer Pilates classes and sessions can be mimicked on the foam roller.  In the workout below we will be creating many movement patterns around your spine and waist to release your hips and strengthen your entire midsection. 

I recommend using a 36 inch roller and always listen to your body.   Don't roll over injuries and although rollingcan be slightly uncomfortable you should never push past pain!!!  Many chain retailers like Target, Marshall's and Sports stores sell them.  You can find them on Amazon and retailers like Gaiam make there own as well.

Get ready to deepen your core connection as you twist, bend, and stretch your spine.  The roller will strengthen your muscles as you elongate them and learn new motor and lovement patterns in the correct alignment.  Here are the moves we'll do in the video below:

  • Toe Taps
  • Leg Raises
  • Leg Extensions
  • Chest Flyes/ Arm Circles
  • Seated Mermaids / Twists
  • Bridge Leg Press Series
  • Ab Roll Up
  • Cat Cow- Plank
  • Shoulder Drops- Cobra 
  • Childs Pose


The roller is one of the ways you can keep your body long and strong right in your living room.  If you want to be the FIRST to know when I post new follow along workouts, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.  New prop workouts coming soon!  Join in to get fit toned and flexible!