Holiday Pilates Fun

Holiday Pilates Fun.

Featuring Santa Jessi and some Unicorn Pilates moves these four Pilates and fitness workouts will keep your core strong as you stretch your body with a smile.

Whether you are home the holidays or away for a well-needed vacation, try these home (or hotel) based videos to keep your muscles moving.  

I had so much fun filming these and I hope they keep you smiling and filled with positive vibes.  Thank you so much for celebrating your health and fitness goals with me this year!

My holiday gift to you is 4 home based workouts filled with magic, color, and costumes.  Don't be fooled, these core strengthening movements will not be easy, work at your own pace!  

1.  12 Ab Moves of Christmas

I may be donning sparkly shorts and a Santa hat but no joke these moves are the real deal.  I formulated this combo of moves based on the most scientifically proven home abdominal exercises.

2.  10 Minute Pilates Booty Workout

These are my favorite ways to keep the booty muscles burning.  Your whole core will also engae to perform these glute shapers correctly.  

3.  Total Body Unicorn Pilates!

In the magical week between Xmas and New Years the mystical Pilates Unicorn comes to town with a full body pilates Mat workout.  No quipment needed, this workout will get you from tail to hoof in 20 minutes.  


4.  Unicorn New Years - Pilates with Weights  

Strength is an essential trait in any creature- mythical or IRL!  Grab a light set of weights and let's end this year with a Booty BANG!


I hope you enjoyed this fun workout series!  

In 2018 I hope to inspire you to Strengthen Stretch and Smile more!!!

Feel free to share this with your friends and share the joy of unicorn movement!