Five Minute Abs- New Mexico Edition

Join me in Taos New Mexico for a series of five-minute ab workouts.  Let's target the entire core and all the abdominal wall muscles- including the obliques (sides) and lower back areas.  

We'll use Pilates principles such as breath and efficient movement patterns with good form to target and tone the midsection.

If you've got five minutes, you can get toned!  The purple skies of the painted deserts will help to keep your mind off the burn!

Pilates with a Band Jessi Fit Pilates

Summer is here and so are your travel plans!  You CAN take pilates with you.  The mini ball can be deflated on the go.  The band can be slid into your pocket.  No excuses, in less than the time it takes to shower, squeeze these workout in.

For more intensity repeat the video and moves two or even three times:)

Remember that a balanced diet filled with whole nutrient dense foods will be the key to your ab success - grab my ebook here for some smoothie recipes to start your day

pilates with a ball jessi fit pilates

This video is a 7 min quick ab workout is perfect whether you are home or on the go!. This intense Pilates-based workout focuses on the obliques inner thighs and lower ab areas.  Do you want to feel toned and strong in your core?  Grab a ball and join on in.  The Pilates mini Ball is great for adding variety and more core challenging moves into your routine.

These exercises are perfect in helping you achieve a slimmer midsection and will help to tone up your whole core. 

Next up is a 5 min quick abs and obliques workout is the perfect whether you’re pressed for time with work or traveling this summer!

This intense Pilates based workout focuses on the obliques hips, upper and lower ab areas.   No equipment needed, just grab a mat and join on in!

These exercises are perfect to squeeze in on your next adventure and will help to tone up your entire waistline and abs!  If you have more time feel free to complete this workout twice in a row.

Pilates with a Band

Todays Intense & Challenging Pilates Sculpting workout is designed to lengthen & strengthen your muscles to create a longer, leaner body.  By the adding resistance to Pilates we increase the intensity of these ab sculpting and toning moves! This is a great routine for on the go babes!  This six minute workout will get you strong abs FAST


Lets focus on obliques abs booty and shoulders- we are going to quickly sculpt and tone your entire side body.  We will be side bending and twisting moves which help your mobility too!  Therbands really can increase your dynamic flexibility and functional fitness levels!  They challenge you to stabilize and balance as you strengthen and stretch against the tension.


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I hope you enjoyed this Desert Dreams Pilates series.  If you liked it make sure to comment below and let me know which were your favorite exercises!  Feel free to share it with your fit friends so you can be rady fr summer together!