21 Day Core Challenge

Jessi FIT Pilates 21 Day Core Challenge

This is how you transform your abs and strengthen your entire core!  In just 20 minutes a day.  We'll focus on strengthening and defining your body as we develop balance, flexibility and vitality!

April is Earth Month, so quit driving to the gym and save money on Classpass or studio charges.  Save your hard earned for cash festival or plane tickets NOT gym fees.  We are going to do this together, from the comfort of your home, your living room, your mat.

I am on a mission to help busy babes just like you love their workouts and their bodies!  Join me for 18 workouts over 21 days featuring the best of pilates, yoga, barre, and cardio.

Jessi FIT Pilates core Pilates 21 day challenge

I developed this using my 23,000 hours of experience as a Fitness & Pilates Instructor, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor.   I have over 15 certificates in fitness and have helped thousands of babes like you love the way they look, move, and feel!

I am spilling all my #fitgirl success secrets into this Core Challenge.  

My goal is to get you healthy at home for free!   These are scientifically proven techniques, and I have changed the lives of thousands of women in my career.  Now its your turn!  Let's get fit toned and fabulous!

This 21 day challenge will tone and sculpt your abs, low back, obliges butt, thighs

  • Create a Healthy Pilates Habit

  • Improve strength and energy levels

  • Get stretched and reduce tightness

  • Reduce back pain from too much sitting

  • Get mobile and firmer

Jessi FIT Piates Magic Circle Core Challenge Lunge

I have carefully designed this challenge to achieve great results by alternating the focus- strength cardio and flexibility.  Learn how to incorporate small props to challenge your bod to a whole new level and have ou feeling fabulous in your summer skimpy gear.  Breathe energy int your whole life with pilates yoga and so much more

It's great for busy babes who want:

  • Real studio quality pilates at home

  • To feel tighter and more toned 

  • To Feel vibrant and energized

  • To commit to their health and themselves

  • Gain confidence and strength

  • Improve posture and reduce back pain

  • Welcome the summer and festival season!

Jessi FIT Pilates Pilates Challenge YouTube

In just 20 minutes per day!

The workouts vary from 16- 28 minutes, and there will be 18 of them, giving you Sundays to catch up in case your girl boss week got hectic, or if your muscles need a day of rest.

Thanks to the magic of Youtube, I will take you step by step through each move.  These challenging yet fun waist slimming exercises will target the abs, legs, buns, shoulders, back, arms and obliques- nothing is left out!  pilates has done so much for me in the last 17 years- let me show you hat it can do for you


Tips For The Challenge

  • There will be 6 days of workouts- one workout for Monday through Saturday

  • Sundays off -Use it as a catch-up day or but you can opt to redo your favorite workout from the series or see my suggestions

  • Drink LOTS of water- especially if you exercise outdoors

  • Depending on your goals aim for at least 10,000 steps per day- walk or do one of my hiit series from here if you need to make up steps

  • Eat more plants- aim to get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in! minimally

  • If you don't have a prop try to sub in another prop or redo any both vides you loved from the day before

Jessi FIT Pilates Band

What You Need:

Remember, this is not a contest or a competition!  This is about feeling good and learning to take care of yourself in an increasingly demanding world.

It's about progress NOT Perfection.  We aim to establish a lifelong fitness HABIT, and have FUN doing it.  It's about creating a healthy routine and learning proper exercise techniques.   You will tone your muscles and alleviate tension. 

Pilates will reshape your muscles and movement patterns.  Yoga will connect you to your breath and release tightness from your entire being.  With HIIT and some cardio moves we will keep your ticker in tick tock shape and utilize calories!

My motto is Strengthen Stretching and Smile!  I want you to associate exercise with a good time and I loaded these workouts with unicorns and rainbows to keep your smile on! 

Caution!  Beginners can always opt to try my Beginner Pilates Series here.  Listen to your body as there will be some advanced progressions.  Never push past pain! Leave out an exercise that hurt- you can always skip ahead or modify.  I offer modifications throughout but always err on the safe side:)

Day 1

This strength based pilates workout is designed to lengthen & strengthen your arms abs and legs in just 20 minutes.

By the adding dumbbells, we increase the intensity of these core sculpting exercises. .

If you do not have weights just grab some heavy soup cans or two bottles of water. We will be doing Pilates and barre moves with a 22 minute Core focused workout with Abs Arms Legs Glutes moves!

Lunge, Plie and Crunch away with me.

Day 2

This minute 20-minute bodyweight Pilates mat workout for your arms shoulders abs and entire core!  Come and plank away, just grab your mat!  No equipment needed for this home-based routine.

Featuring planks in all directions, get ready to fire up your muscles and align the torso for optimal form.  We will twist and bend through some classic pilates cire moves and it includes a warm up and cool down stretch. 

Day 3

This minute 15-minute flowing pilates and yoga fusion workout will stretch and lengthen your muscles. We will tone your abs, core, and legs as we connect to our breath and supercharge our flexibility.

If you feel tight and stressed this workout is for you. We will be utilizing a yoga block for some of the moves but feel free to substitute with a show box or book if you dot have a block. Be creative and try to join on in!

Day 4

This minute 20-minute pilates ring workout was designed to strengthen and lengthen and entire body!  The pilates unicorn is back to help you tone your abs legs booty and entire core!  

We are going to sculpt and tone every inch with lunges abs work and so much more. Adding the Magic Circle really ups the intensity, and adds a new dimension to existing moves. 

Day 5

Are you looking to tone, sweat and stretch your whole body? This 25-minute total body Pilates workout with the mini ball will challenge your core and raise your heart rate.

There will be a focus on abs, booty, legs, arms, shoulders, and back. If you want to welcome summer as your best vibrant self, come and get on the ball with me:)

Day 6

This 19-minute yoga and pilates fusion workout was designed to stretch and lengthen and tone your abs, legs, hips, and booty! We will use pilates moves and yoga poses to restore vitality, increase your flexibility and increase your metabolism.

And YES Unicorn Jessi will be leading the class, so grab your horn and join on in with a smile!

Day 7

Rest Day Jessi FIT Pilates Core Challenge

Rest Day- Catch Up  with any videos you may have missed during your busy week.  Spend this day with your loved ones and if you are craving activity take a long walk or hike, go dancing or re-do your favorite video of mine:)

Day 8 

This minute 20-minute full body Pilates Magic Circle workout was designed to challenge your arms legs abs and entire core! Scuplt, stretch and fire up all your muscles. The pilates ring helps target and tone your midsection as you get leaner and stronger!

Day 9 

This minute High-Intensity Pilates workout was designed to raise your heart rate, strengthen your whole body and tone your core!

I'm using a yoga block, but if you don't have one, use a box, book or small pillow to substitute.

If you want to burn fat with pilates -just press play. We're fusing cardio & HIIT to streamline your waist. Stretches are also included during the rest periods. When combined with proper nutrition, expect to burn fat FAST.

Beginners- go through this workout ONCE

Intermediate or advanced students: blast through the moves TWO or THREE times (fast forward or skip the warm-up).

Day 10 

Join me in Dolores Park for the ultimate pilates and yoga fusion workout flow.  We will be focusing on twisting and side bending our spine, stretch our legs and tone our tummies with pilates ab work.

Lets stretch and bend in all directions, as we mobilize our muscles.  This workout will leave you feeling lighter and energized.

Day 11 

Using the sliders or gliders, we can get a Reformer style Pilates workout at home.  Today we will target hips, abs, legs and glutes and we will lunge and plie to sculpt our lower halves.  I had fun in this 30 minute workout and I know you will too!

No gliders?  No problem!  Use a towel or a paper or plastic plate.  As you can see in the video, some socks will glide very nicely on the floor.  So leave out your sticky socks today and let's slide into the summer!

Day 12

This minute 20-minute pilates workout with a resistance band was designed to tone and enhance your whole body. This fitness-based Pilates routine focuses on strengthening legs, booty, abs and your whole core!

Come and squat, lunge and crunch away to results in no time. We'll also stretch and lengthen our muscles, to ensure we feel lighter and more relaxed. Grab your mat and your theraband!

The resistance band is a great tool for those who travel a lot OR have limited space for a home gym. it's the piece of pilates equipment that you can fit in your pocket.

Day 13 

This minute 20-minute Pilates Foam Roller workout was designed to melt away tension, counteract too much sitting and tone your entire core! Come and plank away, just grab your mat! I am using a foam roller and It is a great tool to melt away tension and stress and to reshape your core, arms and hips.

Day 14

Rest Day- Take this day to catch up on any workouts you missed or to spend some time with your loved ones.

jessi fit pilates core challenge rest day

Day 15

This minute 30-minute bodyweight intense pilates mat workout was designed to strengthen your core and the whole body, raise your heart rate and stretch all your muscles. You can sweat with me, pilates style. Just grab your mat! No equipment needed for this home-based cardio and stretching routine.

Day 16

This minute 20-minute total body core focused dumbbell workout was designed to sculpt stretch and tone your Legs Arms Abs Glutes and entire Core!  

I am using dumbbells in this strength based routine, but you can substitute bottles of water, cans of soup or even heavy rocks or books if you don't have weights.  I'll keep you grooving with deep house tracks so let's move to the beat as we transform our bodies:)

Day 17 

This minute 25-minute Magic Circle Pilates workout was designed to strengthen and stretch your whole body as we focus on toning the core and opening the hips. The Magic Circle is also called the Pilates Ring or the Toning Ring. It may look small but this Pilates prop is mighty!

Grab your ring for this flow-based pilates routine. We are targeting abs, legs, and hips with many Barre and Standing Pilates exercises. We will also use the Circle to deepen into some yummy stretches. And yes Unicorn Jessi will be leading you to Smile as we sweat:)

Day 18

This minute 30-minute  Pilates Strength Workout utilizes a Theraband or Resistance band.  The tension in the band is very similar to the type of tension on the Pilates Reformer and other spring-based Pilates Studio equipment.  Besides being easy to use, Resistance Bands are SUPER portable. Making it easy to get a great workout in anywhere & anytime.

Let's strengthen and stretch your whole body as we will work the arms, thighs, shoulders, abs, hips, and booty.   Set to underground future bass and deep house beats you will be grooving as you tone and lengthen your midsection and so much more.

Day 19


This minute 15-minute Pilates with a Foam Roller workout was designed to strengthen your abs and align your spine and as we focus on ab strengthening and counterbalance the effects of sitting too much. The Foam Roller can be used to melt the muscles and to create a mini Pilates reformer workout!

Grab your roller- I am using one that is long enough to fit my torso on it. Follow along as we start my melting the back and upper body muscles by rolling the tension out. Then we will perform core exercises on the roller, using both mat and reformer moves. We will tone your abs and stretch your whole body so just press play!

Day 20

You did it! This is the last workout of the challenge! I wanted you to treat you to a strech-ilicious flow that will leave you feeling light and airy. Let's mobilize our muscles with the best of Pilates moves and Yoga poses.

This 30-minute Yogalates workout was designed to strengthen and stretch your whole body. We'll also focus on core strengthening and balance exercises. Grab your mat and let's roll! No equipment needed this full body Pilates & Yoga Flow.

Day 21

REST DAY  You earned it:)

I'm here for you every step of the way- comment below here on the blog or on  my Instagram posts for help!