Flex Disc Fit Unboxing & Pilates Workout

Looking for a new way to get machine pilates workouts at home?

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When I started blogging, my intention was to get Pilates out of the studio and into your living room.  I am always looking to make pilates portable.   

Pilates studio equipment tends to be huge and expensive.  Most of us cannot afford studio prices and urban life dictates small apartments.

Luckily, the fitness market is always evolving and churning out new products.  When the folks over at Flex Disc Fit offered to send me a product to test, I was delighted.  Get ready to roll into all your favorite pilates reformer moves.  

flex dic fit jessi fit pilates side plank
  • These are NOT your average gliders! 
  • Flex Disc Fit is a system of rolling platform discs with multiple wheels that are secured in a circular pattern under the disc.
  • It's designed to strengthen the core by forcing you to engage you deep transverse abdominal muscles to help you stabilize the disc against the multiple wheels. 
  • You can use the discs beneath the hands or feet or elbows or really anything.  The disc come with super thick padding so you will not scrape your skin against plastic.

Flex Disc’s low impact, rolling platform establishes its Ground Movement Training™ system as highly effective for increasing:

Mobility • Stability • Balance • Core-Strength

Different than gliding and sliding products, Flex Disc’s provides a stability challenge requiring users to maintain control of the eccentric as well as concentric movement, whether they are performing a stationary (i.e. plank) or a dynamic (i.e. lunge) exercise. 

The wheels allow 360 degree movement so there are no limits.

This means that both parts of the move - going up and down in a lunge, will be challenging.  This is just like the spring tension of your favorite group pilates class!  This type of movement training helps to develop your functional strength and flexibility through dynamic stabilizing drills.

flex dic fit lunge pilates jessi fit pilates

Flex Disc Fit is a fun and versatile fitness and pilates tool!  You can mimic many reformer exercises on it so it is great for your home workouts. Try them for a HUGE range of exercises that target all parts of the core, legs, hips, shoulders.  

Check out the video below to see me unbox the complete system.  You will see me show every part of the gliders and how easy it is to set up and get moving.

Watch the first moves I do and make sure you follow along over at Instagram so you can see my newest mini workouts and so much more.

Want your own? Use my code JESSIFITPILATES to get yours with a 20% discount own over at Flex Disc Fit.

If you want to transform your core at home with Pilates, join me starting April 23 over on YouTube for my 21 Day Core Challenge.  If you have been struggling to fit fitness into your life, let's try it together so you can feel confident, vibrant and in shape right in time for summer.