The Pilates Booty

Best Pilates Booty Exercises You Can Do At Home.

Does your booty need a lift?  Have you been sitting on it a bit too much?   Let's learn how to sculpt and tone your backside.

Jessi fit pilates pilates booty exercises

As our tech dominant society demands more screen time, we wind up putting those chairs to good use.   This weakens those booty muscles and will not help you look toned.  Weak glute muscles can even be found in athletes who overuse their other hip muscles.  Pilates is the go to prevent the dreaded "dead butt".  Start today to prevent low back pain and simply give you good cheeks. 

Glute activation is a big buzzword in fitness right now and it refers to balancing the strength between our deep booty muscles - the gluteus medius and minimus- and the Maximus which normally gets all the attention.   Medius and minimus are the outward rotators of the hip. If you've been following my YouTube channel you know that Pilates works those constantly! 

Pilates does a booty good....

Pilates does a booty good....

The side effects of working these small muscles?  Slimmer and stronger hips, outer thighs and a toned booty!  Best of all?  You don't need to leave your living room to get a great booty workout in and really feel the burn.

For best results, really focus on form and alignment.  You will want to visualize your thigh muscles wrapping around the thigh bones in many of the exercises.  For more details, I have TWO full follow along videos below.

These are the top 5 exercises that have helped thousands of my clients stay strong and functional in those back lower bodies.  

I have been a trainer for 17 years and these are my go-to moves! Exercises include Lunge variations, Bridges, a Mermaid Glutes Series and Wall Squats.

If you’re in more of a rush, this 7 minute workout will help to strengthen your derierre fast.

I also incorporate plank work which will strengthen the ams core and abs.  

Core strength is essential for posture, and your abs sit right on top of your glutes, so learning alignment is essential for building a strong booty full foundation

I love creating workouts that help you stay fit and fabulous. 

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