Total Body Magic Circle Unicorn Workout Series

Looking for a magical way to stay strong and sculpted? 

Pilates is the fitness unicorn.  It's all about the shiny horn with those mythical beasts and with Pilates it's all about the sculpted core.  They have rainbows and we have side bends....

We know that resistance training is critical for getting toned.  Without it your muscles will atrophy or weaken.  The Magic Circle is a great portable prop that can be used to strengthen your whole body.  You can take it outside and try it outdoors this summer.  Did you know the Magic Circle originally came from a beer keg?  Joseph Pilates used the metal hoops to make this total body toning tool.


Benefits of using a Pilates Ring:

  • The Pilates magic circle works on symmetry in the body.  The circular shape helps you see if your hands are feet are evenly placed or working.  Proper alignment is crucial if you want to avoid injuries from repetitive stress on your joints. 

  • You'll be focused on balance and form much more with the ring. It’s hard to keep it stable during certain moves and this will help to develop that unicorn ab strength. 

  • It works on the isometric toning part of Pilates- focusing on the deeper stabilizing muscles in a slow and controlled manner. 

  • It’s portable and lightweight.  Won't take up much space in your home gym.

jessi fit pilates total body workout unicorn circle.png

Why be anything else when you can be Magic Pilates Unicorn???   

If you have ever wondered how unicorns get such great legs, butts, and tummies?  The Pilates ring has stood the test of time.  Joseph Pilates invented it over 100 years ago.  Hands down it is my favorite home prop for pilates home workouts!  

Get ready for an effective, fun and colorful 4 Part Fitness YouTube Series like no other. 

Unicorn Jessi will groove you through deep house and electronic beats,  as we focus on toning and strengthening your abs and transforming you into a stronger and sleeker you.  This is how you get festival and summer ready- pilates style..   Feel free to don your horn or favorite rainbow outfit as we flow through a variety of movements that will keep your spine healthy and muscles flexible.

1.  Pilates Ring for Abs, Arms and A🍑🍑

We'll be using the Magic Circle around the thighs for much of this 10 minute workout.  Get ready to crunch and roll Pilates style.  The legs and hips will be challenged and of course, there will be planks!  Plus we'll be doing Booty squeezes which look easy but really get the deep gluteals burning, and well finish with some yummy stretches.  Join me for a quick bit of uniconr body bliss....

2.  Magic Circle Booty Workout

Let's move our spines and work those uni behinds!  Lunges and brdiges are a staple in any serious leg and butt workout training plan.  Experts always seem to agree on these fitness staples and we will be working them at different angles to target the entire low body.

This workout is all about the backside!  Get ready to squat, lunge bridge and stretch away to a toned and fabulous YOU. 


3.  Total Body Burn- Advanced Pilates Workout

Todays Pilates Ring workout is designed to challenge you with advanced variations.  Be prepared to feel the burn  & strengthen your muscles to create a more sculpted core and healthier body.  By the adding the Pilates Magic Circle we increase the intensity of these leg and ab exercises. We will be working your whole body in just 20 minutes.  

Are you ready to work your inner thighs, hips booty and core?  The Pilates Ring is always a good idea if you are looking for a fun and functional mind body workout.  We will be flipping it upside down with some awesome advanced variations- beginners beware!  Seasoned Pilates practitioners should grab their circles and press play!

4.  Magic Circle For Core Obliques Hips and Stretch

This is how unicorns get strong, slender and stretchy!  Grab your Pilates ring to work the sides of your body and learn how to use the ring to alleviate tightness in the legs and glutes.

This 13 minute workout will tone and lengthen your obliques, hips, buns shoulders and is suitable for all levels.  Get ready to strengthen your core as you mobilize your spine and stretch out tight muscles.  

No need to suffer through workouts you hate, lets do Pilates as we Strengthen Stretch and Smile together!!!!

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Happy Pride Month!!! 

How are you celebrating this June?  Leave me a comment and tell me about your rainbow filled June adventures!