Beginner Friendly Yoga Flow

May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”   ~ Yoga Sutra of Patanjali Jois

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Happy International Day Of Yoga!

The yoga sutras are based on ancient texts outlining the yogic philosophy of living a balanced and healthy.  

Movement is one of these paths- AKA sutras.  Breathwork and meditation are paths too.  The goal of it all is to lead a happy life.  It’s a little bit different than Pilates where we strive for core strengthening or muscle balance or fluid moves

This quote resonates with me now. The only thing we can control in a crazy cruella type world- is ourselves and our emotions.  I chose to send love and smiles.  It’s a choice I try to make every day.

The goal of stretching in yoga is to prep you to meditate.  And meditation is the only way I can keep my creative spark going and not be distracted by so much of whats going on around me.. 

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In short, yoga helps me burn off the crazy....

Pilates is great for my strength, my balance, and my movement patterns.  But sometimes I just need to stretch and relax into my moves a bit deeper then Pilates usually calls for.

The asanas or poses are what is commonly done in western fitness classes and studio environments.  And rightfully so!  The stretches are beneficial for loosening tight muscles and linking breath to your moves. 

Vinyasa classes are quite favored in the USA which focus on gliding between the poses.  Hatha yoga is also a gentle popular style. 

Click below for my beginner-friendly yoga workout video!  Scroll down if you want to learn more about the 8 limbs of yoga sutras.

I will stick to the English names as I am no Sanskrit expert  I'm more of a Pilates gal but I do think there is something special about the yogic principles.  They're lovely guidelines for living a more mindful life.  


  1. First up are the Namas.  The moral code and they break it down to kindness truthfulness non stealing moderation and non stealing.
  2. Second is niyamas or things to observe- purity, contentment, austerity, self-study, and surrender.
  3. The third is the postures or asanas- to create strength balance flexibility and mental clarity.
  4. Breathing comes up as fourth or Pranayama.  The deep breathing is believed to help your energy flow.  Studies have shown that this increases your lung capacity and decreases blood pressure.
  5. Next up is turning inward- self-reflection or the withdrawal of the senses to the mind.  Pratyahara is the name in 
  6. Concentration- or Dharana which is extreme focus or attention.  This is a major principle in pilates too!
  7. Meditation or Dhyana is next.  Notice that we meditate after we have done the other work.  The pastures really tire us out and even more so which enables for us to go deeper into out zones..
  8. Is Pure Bliss!  So with yoga happiness is really the goal..

I do not claim to be an expert in all of these aspects by any means.  But I do believe that more people practicing yoga could be the key to the world becoming a better place.

Jessi fit pilates beginner friendly yoga flow

Which are your favorite parts?

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Photos: Stephanie Hirasawa

Outfit: Love Prema