Introducing the AB-EZE - Target your core.  Launch your life!

If you're looking for a portable and user-friendly new way to tone your abs at home, check out the AB-EZE.

The AB-EZE can help relieve back pain, improve balance, and strengthen your core.  It's adaptable for all levels and it's a suspension based system.  Suspension training is a great way to incorporate more balance based bodyweight movement.  It's also seen used on devices such as the TRX and Red Cord systems.

jessi fit pilates ab eze

I was able to set it up on my bedroom door and if you install it at home or work it's a great way to squeeze more strength and mobility into your coffee breaks or down time.

AB-EZE effectively turns unused minutes into body changing moments.

The loop is what makes the ab eve unique- I loved the traction this feature gives it!  Traction is used by chiropractors and other health care professionals as part of back pain relief programs.  Pilates uses traction on a device called the Cadillac.  I was able to mimic a few of my favorite Pilates moves with traction in the video below!

Whether you want to tone your tush, sculpt your abs, or strengthen your back, AB-EZE will help you meet your goals.

ab eze jessi fit pilates

AB-EZE was invented by Missy Reder, a yoga teacher and mom from Howard Beach Queens!  I may be a Cali girl now but I lived in Astoria Queens for 12 years and I love supporting my fellow NYC girl bosses.  She understands the demands of balancing a career and kids, and she was motivated to make a home-based system that could help you achieve your goals in your free time.

ab eze missy reder

The only thing you will need besides her revolutionary system is a 2x4.  This system is designed to be used by itself- please check the safety precautions as there is a weight limit and it is not meant to handle dumbbells or extra load.  It can also be used outside and around trees!  It packs up very easily into its included carry bag and is very lightweight- take it with you on your summer vacay!

What do you think of this new way to workout?

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