How To Use The Yoga Wheel

Have you tried the yoga wheel yet?

It came onto the scene a few years back and it’s a unique way to deepen your moves and add some mojo into your routine.   It may look easy but this circular prop is really quite challenging to stabilize balance on.   

Front Body Stretch with the Wheel

Front Body Stretch with the Wheel

I've only started to really explore the possibilities on it and I it can be quite humbling.  My first few times were filled with stumbles and in the video, you will see me struggle to stay in control of the rolling movements.  Everything from lunges and squats to warrior poses and planks takes on a whole new hard meaning.

The wheels come in different diameter sizes and some folks have even been using two or more to double the core challenge!!!  I am using a 12-inch diameter one, but they come in other sizes too!   Smaller wheels tend to make the exercises harder and some larger or taller folks may want to use the bigger circles.  I got this one on Amazon.

Here are some of the Benefits:

1.  Core Strength-

The only way to stabilize your movements against or on the wheel will be to engage your abs!  It will help you find proper joint alignment to maximize the benefits of the exercises and keep you injury free.

Lunge with the Yoga Wheel

Lunge with the Yoga Wheel

2.  Balance

Looking for a spicy new way to elevate your yoga or Pilates practice?   Try doing it on top of the wheel- WITHOUT it rolling away or rolling onto its flat side...

3. Deeper Stretches & Body Awareness

The wheel can be used as a roller for self-massage.  This allows for a release of bigger and stronger muscles through pressure points.   If you sit a lot- it will also facilitate a very deep chest and hip opening and stretch.   The curve of the wheel allows for deeper opening along the spine and enhances mind-muscle connection with less restriction from tension.

Reverse Plank Kick with the Wheel

Reverse Plank Kick with the Wheel

4.  Assistance

Try using the wheel like a mega block!   Let the wheel take the weight of your hips or spine or shoulders and allow for a greater stretch of the muscle fibers!   During planks and arm balances and inversions, it can give you the confidence boost to get your feet a little up higher when your back or feet are supported.  

5.  Variation

We all know variety is the spice of life and it’s true for your body.  Constantly finding new ways to move will require new muscles and movement patterns to be learned.   This leads to greater strength and focus improvements.

If you're bored with your current Pilates classes- check out the below video!

I took classic Pilates moves and gave them a spin on the wheel!  Try this core-focused exercise routine and learn a new way to tone and balance at home.  You'll get to see that I haven't perfected it yet- but press play and shake along with me!


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