Beginner Friendly Pilates Workouts

Are you ready for a powerful new way to get stronger and toned at home? 

Pilates has become more popular as more people experience the ab flattening and stress relieving results. 

Pilates treats the body as a whole- targeting multiple muscles groups in a controlled manner- to maximize your energy and fitness levels.

beginner pilates workout jessi fit pilates

I have seen thousands of peoples lives improved with it.  As you gain strength you will also learn to move with grace and ease as you get more flexible and reduce pain.  Even if you are an advanced pilates practitioner, going back to the basics is a great way to refresh you body alignment and form.  Good form is crucial for combating back pain and ensuring the right muscles are being used.

If you are new to pilates, start with the first video below to experience the booty lifting and ab flattening benefits of Pilates Mat and Magic Circle.  In the first video, we will not be using any equipment.  

Pilates Abs & Thighs for Beginners

This beginner friendly Pilates 20 minute workout is perfect for newbies or anyone that is wanting a slower paced core strengthening routine that also focuses on your thighs.  This workout will target your upper and lower abs as well as sculpt and tone your rear, thighs, and hips. 

No equipment is needed! If you add pilates into your daily routines, I promise you will be shocked at how fast you will begin to notice results in your body.  For more beginner workouts check out this playlist.

Be patient with your body and know that it takes some time to build strength. So if at any point any exercise gets painful or doesn’t feel right, feel free to skip it and come back to it when you're ready again. 

How To Use The Magic Circle - Beginner Friendly Workout

how to use the magic circle jessi fit pilates

Learn the basics of the Magic Circle or Pilates ring in this 22 minute full body core focused Pilates routine.  If you are brand new to this circular pilates prop Ill break down the basics in a variety of positions to target abs, legs, thighs, calves, hips oblique and arms.  


Advanced Pilates practitioners will love the slower pace and form focused workout thats a perfect compliment to your summer bikinis.  This beginner friendly routine can be done by anyone- add Pilates into your healthy habits for a sleeker midsection and greater poise and flexibility.


Grab your pilates ring and join me on the mat to tone up and have fun while we wok on strength and stability.  Turn up the volume for the deep house beats- so we can groove as we do Pilates. 

Do you want more free beginner Pilates workouts?  Check out this blog post

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