The Pilates Burn

Intense Pilates Workouts & Burning Man Fashion Preview

Its the end of Summer and with it comes the last chance to show off those festive shorts, rose gold dresses and sparkling crop tops I've seen you wearing all season. 

Let’s send out summer with a sizzle.   I've got six hardcore prop based Pilates total body workouts. 

Wanna see what I train for?  Check out my Burning Man 2018 Fashion Preview!  Fashion has always been a huge part of my life.  When I'm dressed in an outfit that I feel confident and sexy in, I feel ready to conquer the world!

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If you’re off to a late summer shindig, I got the hottest Festival Fashion designers for their picks of the 2018 festival and Burning Man season.  This 7-day art and music filled event in the Black Rock dessert is known for its stunning locale, harsh environment, party buses, the fire of burning effigies and of course OUTFITS.  Since the age of Woodstock, we have seen how clothing can define a generation and how music shapes the way we dress.

Pilates keeps me in shape all year but when I have tickets in one hand and a tiny outfit in the other- you can bet my workouts get more intense! 

Add climbing to the below list...

Add climbing to the below list...

I up my cardio activities since festivals always mean lots of standing, walking and dancing.  I broke a fitness tracker at a festival last year.  I'm pretty sure it fried from the sheer amount of steps!  PRO TIP: get to any festival or event early or you will wind up parked pretty far from the center/ main area/ stages.  

I created this workout series based on the way I train before Burning Man or another fun vacation.  Use it before your next event or trip!  To up the intensity, these workouts all feature two fitness and pilates props.  Get your circles, blocks, small dumbbells, resistance bands and gliders ready!

Image via: InVisions

Image via: InVisions

I am lucky to live in the Bay Area where so many legendary indie designers call home.  With the proximity to Nevada, San Francisco just can't beat for a wide selection of festival outfits and gear!  if you want handmade one of a kind pieces t-made to last those desert trekking and bike rides in extreme heat cold and dusty situations.

Leggings are always such a good choice- for workouts or for festivals!  Check out InVisions for ones that are printed from hi-resolution NASA satellite images taken of our planet.  Share wonder magic of the planet and the beauty and intricacy of our earth by snagging a pair.

Double the Burn -Double your Fun.  Buuut most importantly- let's double your results! 

Grab a Magic Circle and a Yoga Block and join on in!

1.  Intense Magic Circle & Block Workout

For those cold desert, nights check out Tamo's Baroness Coat.  Did you know this DJ and designer makes them here in San Francisco with zero waste?  Aaand they come in a full range of sizes.  Click here to see the array of colors and fabrics....

Image via Tamo Design

Image via Tamo Design

2.  Slider & Dumbbell

This 30-minute workout will tone and lengthen your abs, arms, booty, obliques, hips, buns, back and shoulders at an advanced level.  Get ready to strengthen your core as you mobilize your spine and stretch out tight muscles.  

I am using Sliders here and I have seen them called gliders or core discs or core sliding discs.  If you don't have a set - try wearing thick socks on hard floors.  If you have carpets try paper plates under your hands or feet.


Bikinis and butterflies are two of my favorite reasons for loving summer!  Metalics make me feel bright and shiny like a glittery unicorn!  Chrome Monarchy makes great reflective butterfly shaped reasons to get throuh my next workout,,,

Image via  Chrome Monarchy

Image via Chrome Monarchy

3. Abs & Booty Tone- Pilates with a Ball and Band

This 30 minute Booty and Ab blasting workout is designed to challenge you with advanced variations.  Be prepared to feel the burn  & strengthen your muscles to create a more sculpted core and healthier bum!  By the adding the Pilates Mini Ball we increase the intensity of these core and backside toning exercises..  The resistance band is a great tool for lengthening and strengthening your hips abs obliques and legs as you simultaneously stretch muscles! 

Are you channeling Stevie Nicks?  If earthy and lace is your vibe- kimonos are always a great way to stay cool and look like a haute hippie.  Check out Super Sugar Ray Ray for one of a kind pieces that will have you crawling for the edge of 17.....

4. HIIT with a Roller


Let's HIIT it!  Part cardioand part mobility as we are using a foam roller to roll and do cardio! I am also using a set of dumbbells, First, we will roll to release muscles tension and warm up.

Then we will perform a round of HIIT Cardio- advanced practitioners can perform 1 or 2 rounds of the cardio as well to burn off more calories and raise your heart rate further. After the HIIT cardio, we will stretch and roll on the roller again!

Grab your foam roller and join on in!

Mary from ibiza Love Child is absloutely loving dresses with a Moraccan flare!  As you can see I love the mirror tile effect.

Side Plank in the sunset...

Side Plank in the sunset...

5.  Best Pilates Workout with Dummbells and a Booty Band

This 30-minute workout will target abs obliques low back glutes hips shoulders and arms.  Let's plank, roll and lift off for the last tank top hurrah!  If you've been looking to tone your arms and abs- grab your band and some light dumbbells and join on in!

For crisp beach days or late nights, denim just cant be beat!  LovePrema is a fair trade clothing company committed to outfitting the world in love!  I love their yoga line and I hope to snag this jacket soon!


6.  Grande Finale 45 Minute Burner Workout!!!!

This is the FINAL workout of this 6 part workout series and I'm going all out with a 45-minute total body blasting workout like no other!  Grab a set of dumbbells and your magic circle and lets burn in this full body workout!

Which is your favorite outfit and workout? 

Comment below and let me know!