Magical Morning Yoga Stretch

Welcome to my Magical Morning Yoga Series!  

Let's make your mornings sparkly ,spectacular and of course,stretchy.

If you’ve been waking up stiff or sore or just plain blah I’ve got a solution.

This five-part video series will take you from ugh to absolutely vibrant in just 15 minutes or so!  Let's learn how to do morning stretches that are designed to lengthen and get your muscles ready for anything.

Start your day right...

Start your day right...

Not only do these feel-good moves perk your morning up, but we'll also open your hips, shoulders, and mobilize your spine and whole body. The result: You'll walk away feeling centered, focused, and ready to carpe that diem

Morning time is a great time to start to get you in to the habit of rolling out of bed and onto that mat! By incorporating Yoga, Pilates and mobility drills into one 15 minute workout.  Are you ready to feel productive, healthy, positive?

Mobility drills are a way of training your muscles to be more flexible and can really loosen up stiff joints. Did you know that exercise boosts blood flow to the brain which keeps you feeling energized on cooler mornings as we head into winter?  Stay sharp instead and get mobile!

Wake up and squat.

Wake up and squat.

Here are the Benefits of Stretching out as soon a your out of bed. 

  • Helps you set the tone for the day by starting with self care

  • Improved range of motion leads to better performance in daily life 🚶🏾‍♀️activities and sports

  • Prevents injuries and reduces muscle soreness from the prior days activities

  • Improves posture by reversing the tightening effects of poor sleep patterns or odd sleeping positions

  • Reduces the need for coffee tea or other caffeinated beverages

  • Increases blood flow to both the brain and the muscles leading to increased energy levels

  • Reduces stress and lower back pain.

  • Helps to ward off procrastination nd keeps you focused on your health goals

  • It keeps you moving and breathing deeply


Stretch those sides with me...

Stretch those sides with me...

If you're wondering what to eat before a normal session I recommend a light breakfast like a banana or half of a smoothie.  You can drink the other part of the smoothie right after the moves. 

Make sure to drink some water!  If you don't eat at all you may become dizzy but if you eat too much you may not be able to digest it, so err on the light side.

Are you ready to flow into a more mobile and stretchy workout series? 

Click through the videos below 

1.  Functional Stretch

This routine focuses on the movements and mobility you need to move freely through out your day.  Bending, reaching and grabbing big items and small children all require flexibility.  if you've been struggling to keep up with all that life throws at you check this series of full body yoga stretches and balance work to keep you on your toes!

The video above details the stretches below:

1️⃣DownDog calf stretch 

2️⃣Crossed leg forwards fold

3️⃣Sphinx pose

4️⃣Kneeling lunge 

5️⃣Twisted camel 

6️⃣Kneeling inner thigh

7️⃣Kneeling side stretch 

7 functional stretches jessi fit pilates

2. Yoga for Hips and Booty 

Tight hips can be a pain in the you know what! If you sit a lot, you tend to deactivate your glute muscles, which can lead to a host of joint problems. Let’s help keep your hips, booty and lower back healthy with this 15 minute routine..

I’ve added a bunch of twist and bends to help keep your lower back (which is attached to you butt) pliable and mobile. The chart below is a great cheat sheet for the above video.

magical morning yoga jessi fit pilates

3.  How To Stretch Your Upper Body

If your neck is always in knots, try these gentle stretches and mobility drills to help you feel mre fluid in your back and shoulders.

How To Stretch Your Upper Body

4.  Yogilates for Lower Body

This 15 minute yoga and pilates flow will help to lengthen your legs and stretch out your hips and glutes. Join in to start with mobility and yoga stretches and finish with Pilates ab moves.

Pilates and yoga make me happy because they keep me mobile balanced flexible and toned.  💕I love these yoga moves to keep my hips happy and these Pilates exercises keep more core in tip top shape. 

1️⃣Leg swings

2️⃣ Kneeling Front Split

3️⃣ hamstring & figure four stretches 

4️⃣ Alternating Quad Standing Stretch.  

5️⃣Butterfly Stretch

6️⃣ Single Leg Stretch & Criss Cross Abs


5.  Yoga in Bed

Todays yoga routine is the he ultimate way to wake up!  Let’s stay horizontal and stretch your way to an amazing day!  Feel vibrant and energized after a series of poses designed to un ravel any muscles that may have gotten twisted during a poor nights sleep.  Grab a yoga strap if you have one (or just use a t shirt or towel if you dont)

I hope you enjoyed getting stretch-i-licious with me this month!

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