Halloween FIT Fun

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. 

Creating make-up looks and fun outfits is a huge source of creativity for me.

The leaves are turning, the pumpkin spice everything is out  and apple ciders scent is in the air…

It’s easy to get into the spooky spirit!  

Besides dressing up as magical beasts, Pilates is the other thing that brings me joy.  I’m all about merging fitness with happiness!

jessi fit pilates pilates chair day of the dead halloween fit fun sugar skull

Let’s get fit and toned with lots of laugh.  

Is your Instagram feed blowing up with skimpy Halloween outfits? 

Are you off to a cool dress up party? 

Or do you just like your Pilates class to be a fun filled party? 

If so, keep reading…..

pilates mermaid halloween fit fun

I hate boring workouts. 

I also hate that so many people hate to workout!

I want you to smile through some of the uncomfortable moments and stay on the path to optimal wellness.  Both Pilates and laughter are ingredients for a well balanced happy life!  

jessi fit pilates kitty cat halloween fit fun workout

Join me Each week to celebrate some of my favorite characters creature and just plain comical costumes. 

With trick or treaters galore lets use the excess sugar to fuel some intense pilates routines that will knock your glittery fishnet stockings off!

Get ready to sweep away those workout boredom cobwebs….

Your muscles will be in for a treat.  these core focused moves will get you scary strong as well as festively flexible.

tricep push up unicorn workout jessi fit pilates unicorn legs

1. Mermaid Magic Circle

Advanced Abs Obliques Magic Circle Pilates 30 min Workout

jessi fit pilates shoulder bridge mermaid workout

Mermaids are mythical creatures in the literary world but in Pilates it refers to side bending waist trimming move. We’re using the pilates ring to add a challenging twist into your dull pilates routine

Get ready to twist and bend your spine to restore your mobility and work your core. Target your entire body with a huge emphasis on abs and obliques.  

Let’s pretend were bending our waists like Ariel to swim away under the sea! Let’s make it a magical mermaid circle moment:)

2. Unicorn Legs & Core

The Best Pilates Workout For Legs And Core 30 minute Workout -Unicorn Fit Fun

lead you through the best shiny magical body weight workout for your legs thighs booty abs an core!

This 30 minute workout will make you feel your unicorn best as we work on burn the Pilates way at home!  These functional Pilates exercises will help your legs get toned and stronger and ready to gallop away for a magical Halloween season!

Why be anything else when you can be a unicorn?

bridge halloween

3. O Band Arms & Abs Kitty Edition

Fall is here but that doesn’t mean we can't find an excuse to tone the arms shoulders and abs! This quick 15 minute workout using the o bands will help you stay tank top ready all year. Watch me growl and meow as the bands blow up my arms!

kitty pull band jessi fit pilates

4. Tutu Barre HIIT Drops

Plie all Day with me HIIT Style!  No equipment really needed for these pilates and barre leg and core toning moves.  A stool or chair will work and feel free to don your tutu!  We will releve into a cardio routine designed to keep your heart health high and your body fat low! 

If you want to double the burn repeat the cardio section.  This is an advanced routine and we will be performing intervals of high intense total body core focused moves.  We will stretch in between to keep our dancing pins nice and limber.

From my fit fantasy fam to yours HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Have a great time and please be safe- don’t take candy from strangers!

Stay tuned for my FIT Plan to give you a fun fitness plan that you WANT to stick to!

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