How To Tone & Stretch Your Whole Body

How To Tone & Stretch Your Whole Body. 

Let's stay strong and flexible at home with Pilates and Mobility Exercise Routines- you can do these four workouts at home during the bustling holiday weeks.  Between shopping and parties and cooking and commuting, knowing quick home routines can help you stay active and healthy.  

Movement can help to reduce both your waistline and your stress levels.  Use these quick but effective routines in between the holiday festivities and workload demands to focus on your breath and body.  Youll improve strength, flexibility and balance in just 15 minutes.

Use these four videos as stand alone workouts that fi into your day.  If you have mre time, feel free to stack the workouts together- choose your own Pilates adventure.  

1.  How to Tone Your Core

We'll build abdominal strength and start to tone and flatten your center.  These classical pilates moves, give a new awareness to the center or trunk of your body- abs, low back, obliques hips and more!  We'll flow move to move with a focus on the spine.  If you've spent too much time sitting, tight hips will free up.  the focus will be on Glutes, Abdominals as well as hips and flexiblity.  

2.  Core & Plank Workout

Everyone loves to hate the Plank but are you just hating them because you aren't doing them right? 

Learn how to do this essential arm and core blaster in perfect alignment in the second video.

Mastering these plank moves will give you the stability in your Pilates practice for years to come.  With the right alignment, youll feel this in your center- not in your wrists.

We also focus on hip and shoulder mobility as well as core strength with Planks and Cat Cow work.  Feel the burn then stretch your whole body as we tone our arms shoulders and abs!

3.  Pilates for Arm and Core Strength (with dummbells)

Resistance Training is a key component in strengthening your muscles.  With the Beginner Pilates Dumbbell Workout we use 2 or 3 lb. dumbbells to get our upper body toning on quickly. Also included are streamlined bodyweight exercises  Grab your mat and weights to give your arms shoulders and abs the burn!

We will focus on the torso - both abs and obliques and lower back muscles.  Plus gain back your mobility and vitality by bending and stretching the spine.  

4.  Full Body Stretch Workout

Finally in the last video we will stretch and lengthen your entire body.  Mobility is defined as the ability to move freelywithin your body.  I will teach you exercises and sretches to counteract the effects of sitting too much.  You can use this video to help you loosen up after exercise if you are feeling sore as well.

Let's end 2017 strong, with just 31 days left, you have the opportunity to workout 31 more times....  or make 31 more excuses.  Join me on YouTube where I am posting multiple opportunities PER WEEK  to move ya booty.  Subscribe to my channel to end 2017 right.

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