Pilates and Yoga with Props

This is how you strengthen and stretch at home....

Remember when you said your resolution was to try something new?  Pick from two do anywhere workouts, using a mini ball and foam roller.

I am often asked about the difference is between Yoga and Pilates.  Pilates focuses on dynamic strength and flexibility.  Pilates also has an entire plethora of spring-loaded equipment where muscles strength is greatly emphasized.  

Jess fit pilates ball workout .jpg

In yoga, balance is often explored deeper, with postures being held for long periods of time.  We twist and stretch muscles in coordination with deep breathing to facilitate a more relaxed state of being.

Combining Yoga and Pilates workouts will strengthen and stretch in the most delicious way! 

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Enhanced flexibility from yoga will allow a greater range of motion in your Pilates exercises.  The core strength and stability of Pilates will give you greater control and hold times in the yoga asanas.  

This Pilates and ball workout will strengthen and lengthen your core and entire body!  The ball gets you to engage deeper with the ab and low back muscles.  Since the ball is squishy you must engage the core stabilizing muscles much more than if you were doing regular Pilates mat work.  Plus it helps to improve balance, coordination, strength, and control.

Let’s do pilates and increase your muscle tone as you improve agility and posture in this workout:

Using the roller as a prop to enhance alignment we can get deeper into our favorite stretches without sacrificing form.  

Let’s open and melt our bodies with this yoga sequence!

Follow along with step by step instructions, and learn how to workout at home from a real certified Pilates and Yoga instructor.  

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