Welcome to the Global Pilates Party! #MarchMadness Week 1

Every March Pilates instructors and enthusiasts gather for a global celebration of the work of Joseph Pilates.  if you have been looking for a sign to start Pilates- this is it!  

Classical Pilates devotees practice Pilates exercises as  Joseph exactly invented it 100 years ago.  I feel grateful to have studied underneath his protegee Romana Kryzanowska in 2005.  I loved the discipline it takes to perform these moves perfectly.

Joseph H Pilates with Romana Kryzanowska

Joseph H Pilates with Romana Kryzanowska

These days I have blended my Pilates practice and classes with modern fitness and yoga moves to create FIT Pilates but I am a firm believer in knowing your roots.

March Matness was invented by Benjamin Degenshart and I will be posting one move of the classical series each day on March.  To be first to know make sure you are subscribed to my youtube channel!  The days will go in the classical order- march 1 is the first exercises and the 2nd is the second exercise and so on and so forth..

Grab that mat we are starting with the :

1.   Hundred

The first in the series this intense ab movement is meant to wake you up and warm you up!  Activate that core and power up your circulation...

Muscles Used: Abs, Breathing/ Diaphragm and Triceps

2.  The Roll Up

Learn to mobilize your spine and start to engage your center as you stretch your legs.  Perfect if you've been sitting all day!

Muscles Used: Abs


3.  The RollOver

Make no spinal bones about it, this one is a bit on the advanced side, so exercise caution on your neck.  But I do bend so I don't break....

Muscles Used: Abs & Shoulder Girdle

bend dont break.....

bend dont break.....

4.  One Leg Circle

This one looks simple but requires stability and mobility to do it right!

Muscles Used- Abs and Inner Thighs

reach for it!

reach for it!

5.  Rolling Like A Ball

Challenge your balance stability and control while madaging yur spine!

Muscles Used: Abs and spinal stabilizers

If it's illegal to rock n roll, throw my a%$ in jail- Kurt Cobain

If it's illegal to rock n roll, throw my a%$ in jail- Kurt Cobain


6.  One Leg Stretch

This is how you deepen your abdominal strength and mobilize your hips.....

Muscles used: Abs

jessi fit pilates sinle leg stretch

Stretch and shine on!

7.  Double Leg Stretch

This is one of Joseph's favorite exercises!  It really encompasses flowing but challenging movement, breathwork, and a burning core!

Muscles Used: Abs

Inhale the good stuff & exhale the rest.

Inhale the good stuff & exhale the rest.

Pilates is my therapy and I hope it can be yours too!

Stay tuned next week and all through March on the blog to learn more about Pilates, exercise by exercise and step by step!

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