Flat Abs NOW Pilates Workout and Tips

One of the biggest requests I get as a Pilates instructor, is to work on the lower abdominal area.  I have a multi angled plan for you.  Firstly, diet plays a huge factor, if you want your abdominal tone to show, you'll want to keep your body fat on the lower side.  You can accomplish this with both Pilates AND nutrition. Additionally, for many people, bloating can be an issue which causes your tummy to look bigger than it actually is!  

Here are some SUPER fast nutrition tips to beat bloating in the lower abs (recently I heard this area being called FUPA!)


  1. -Overconsumption of sugar 
  2. -Processed grains 
  3. -Processed Meats
  4. -Dairy
  5. - Heavy Full BIG Meals
  6. -Sugar Alcohols (found in sugar free items, like desserts gums, protein powders and bars. and I never use protein powder because of it)

Most of the above are common sense for being healthy and fit, now replace the above habits with some of the below....


  1. Eating slowly, and chewing it well so your body can digest it easier
  2. Consider supplementing with digestive enzymes, as we age we produce less of these.
  3. Check iron levels, espeicially if you are vegetarian and or vegan
  4. Eat your Omega 3s.  You need this for digestion and they can reduce inflammation. Add in flax, walnuts, hemp, chia seeds, fish, algae, olives, avocado, coconut, nuts and seeds to your diet
  5. Do Pilates, moves below!

FIVE Pilates Moves to Blast Your Belly!

The videos are below, try doing 10- 15 reps of the Roll Down, 100 of the Double Leg Hundreds, 10- 15 reps of the Double Leg Lowers, and for the Elbow Planks and Joes Jacks, try 60 seconds of each.


Try doing all five of these circuit style, and if you have the time do two or three sets total.

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