Audio Workouts via MoveWith

Its official! I am one of the founding instructors for MoveWith!  MoveWith gives you instant access to guided audio workouts with the BEST instructors on the plant- whenever you want, where ever you want!!!  Whether you're on the road, in your living room or at the gym - this is fitness on your terms.  Yes, you'll get me but there are a large variety of workouts on the platform- from yoga flows to challenging treadmill workouts and grounding meditations, youll have everything you need to stay fit!

And now until April 10 you can try it for free, for 30 days, using the trial code PRESSPLAYNOW-JFP

Heres the link to my channel on MoveWith


See the video below for the positions in my Thigh Master workout on MoveWith!!!


Jessi Albin