Beginner Pilates Challenge

Do you struggle to stay consistent with your workouts?

Is your back achey from all those long hours?  

Learn to tone up, relieve tension and transform your core all from the comfort of your home.

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Welcome to my FREE 7 Day Beginner Pilates Challenge!   

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7 day beginner pilates challenge jessi fit pilates

Start this 7 day challenge and experience the secret exercise weapon that models, Hollywood celebrities, dancers and olympians have used for decades.  

Learn Pilates from a REAL expert with 17 years and over 24,000 hours of experience.

Enjoy all the benefits of machine Pilates, and boutique fitness in the comfort of YOUR home using small props or just your own bodyweight.  My signature beginner method will get you  fit toned and flexible as we strengthen stretch and smile!

Here’s what you get:

• Feel fabulous by getting leaner and stronger.  

• Get THE best plan to integrate a mind body balance, tone up and gain confidence. 

• Integrate fitness into your life and calendar and fit better into your clothes.

• Understand the basics of Pilates- the form & alignment as well breath & flow.

• Sculpt and stretch your tummy, back and thighs with easy to follow step by step videos.

• Learn to use home equipment to build core strength & tone your abs.  

• Increase flexibility as you improve posture & look taller.

• Feel energized- wake up looking forward to your workouts.

• Develop the mindset to reach your body goals.

• Stay fit without a gym & feel connected to your body

• Reduce back pain & muscle stiffness

• All from the comfort of your home!

With quick fun workouts set to the best underground dance beats and Chances to Win Prizes!

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Created from 24,000 hours of experience as a Master level Fitness & Pilates Instructor- I’m teaching you the most proficient ways to target your core. 

My goal is to get you healthy at home, and in 7 days teach you everything you need to get fit toned and fabulous! 

Each video is follow along- meaning I will do each move, exercise, stretch and pulse with you.  You have nothing to think about- AT ALL.  Remember that it's about feeling good - progress towards establishing a life long fitness HABIT, this isn't about perfection. 

It’s about creating healthy habits and learning this workout system that tones your muscles and alleviates tension- strengthening and stretching -so that you can feel good and get your confidence into high gear!

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Here's the deets:

  • 7 Days- Different Core Focused Body Toning Videos

  • 10 - 15 min Fun workouts with Underground Beats

  • Beginner Focused

  • Featuring Deep House, Techno, Future Bass & Beats

  • You'll need dumbbells on 2 days & a small ball & a mini band.  Use cans of soup in lieu of DBs... Try  an old pair of stretchy leggings if you don't have a Band. A small pillow ( or child’s pool ball if you have kiddos) can be used for many of the ball exercises .

  • No gym needed!!!

  • Live Sessions everyday on Instagram and you can ask me anything!

Caution! Listen to your body as there will be some advanced progressions.. 

Never push past pain! Leave out exercise that hurt- you can always skip


To keep you motivated to stay on this path Im thrilled to partner with a few of my favorite fitness and health tools to keep you healthy and happy!

Grand Prize Winner Gets the Pilates Booty Pack! Plus One Year Online Training with Jessi’s FIT Plan

Total Value $250

1 First Place Winner gets the SoundCore Headphones plus 6 months of JFP online 140 Value

2nd Place Winner- 3 months membership 40 Value

Contest starts on Instagram June 3, and ends Monday June 10 at 9pm. PST. Winners to be announced Wednesday June 12 in my emails and Instagram stories and I will update it here.  Winners chosen at random. Winner has 24 hours to claim the prize or it will be given to the next randomly chosen participant. 

Wanna win?  

  1. Follow me on Instagram and Rist Roller

  2. Comment on Monday June 3 rds post with “I’m In”

  3. Bonus points:

  4. Comment on any of the YouTube videos in the 7 Day Challenge Series!

  5. Do the workout of the day and Take a photo or video of you doing the workout, or of your workout set up if you don’t like being on camera.  Tell me in the caption how the workout made you feel! Post on your Instagram Feed!(stories do not count towards prizes)  Use hashtag #beginnerpilateschallege #strengthenstretchsmileand tag me  and (make sure you're following both pages!)

    Remember, this is not a competition!  I won’t be judging the entries they will be chosen at random!!!!

This is about feeling good & learning to take care of yourself in an increasingly demanding world.


  • Drink LOTS of water- esp if you exercise outdoors

  • Depending on your goals aim for at least 10,000 steps per day- walk or do a hiit vid if you need to make up steps.

  • Eat more plants- aim to get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in and take advantage of the summer seasonal goodies like berries and stone fruit.

  • If you don’t have a prop try to sub in another prop or re do any both vides you loved from the day before:)

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Day 1. Best Beginner Workout To Learn Pilates

Todays Pilates Sculpting workout is designed to build your foundational pilates Ab Strength! We will be working your core hips and legs body in just 15 minutes. .  

Day 2. Tone Lengthen Strengthen Lower Body Core Mini Ball Workout

The Mini Ball or Small Pilates Ball is a great way to add dimension to your workouts.    This beginner workout will teach you the basics of form and alignment so you can start your Pilates journey right! This 12-minute workout will tone strengthen and lengthen your lower body abs and core. 

Day 3 Sculpting Core & Lower Body Band Workout

Todays Pilates Sculpting workout is designed to sculpt, tone and stretch lower body abs and core.  By adding a mini loop band, we increase the intensity of these core sculpting exercises!  This is a quick 9-minute workout that you can do anywhere- the band travels so easily.

If you do not have a band just grab an old pair of leggings or a yoga strap.

Day 4 Ultimate Core Strength & Flexibility Workout

Today’s workout is designed to lengthen & strengthen after our three previous core challenge days.  No equipment needed for this one- it's just you and the mat! 

We will be blending classic Pilates moves with yoga and mobility focused exercises.  We will run through Pilates style ab moves will strengthen the muscles in your abs, obliques, hips.  This is a great series to combat tightness from sitting.

Day 5 Fat Burning Full Body Cardio

This Workout will help you develop Cardio and total body Strength.  Focus on your core arms and legs for a total body heart tasing fun routine!  Particular focus will be on arms butt and balance.  This blend of mindful movement will strength you from inside out....

Day 6- Build a Better Booty

Today's booty building workout is designed to target those buns!  & strengthen your muscles to create a longer, leaner body.  

To increase the challenge and activate your glutes more- we will be using a mini ball  Let's sculpt our hips thighs and bums with this workout!.  If you do not have a mini ball just grab a small pillow.  These moves are safe for beginners.

Day 7- Challenge Your Core

Today's Core Focused Pilates workout is designed to target those abs with Classic Pilates moves and lengthen your legs. No equipment needed- just grab your mat!  We will be working your abs, back, thighs and core in just 10 minutes.