Jessi's FIT Plan - On Demand

Get FIT- wherever,whenever! Learn to transform your core and total body with Pilates, all from the comfort of your home

You told me you had trouble making time for workouts.

And you were struggling to stick to a routine.

You said you can’t plunk down so much cash for high end gyms and studios.. And that ClassPass was so unpredictable in terms of quality.

My mission is to help YOU Strengthen, Stretch AND Smile! 

I have helped thousands of women and men get leaner, longer, more energized, and feel ABS-solutely fabulous in my career.  Now it’s your turn!

Learn Pilates & Fitness from a REAL expert with 17 years and over 24,000 hours of experience.  Enjoy all the benefits of machine based Pilates, and boutique fitness in the comfort of YOUR home.

No expensive equipment- just small props or your own bodyweight. 

My signature method will get you  FIT, Flexible and Firm NOW... 

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This is for you if you want:

  • To Improve strength and tone all over.

  • To look amazing & feel confident into your summer outfits.

  • Boutique fitness without boutique prices

  • Reduce back tension & tightness from too much sitting

  •  Get bendy & flexible and improve your posture 

  • Feel supported and less stressed

  • ...And most of all have fun doing it!

I'm bringing the very best of Fitness & Wellness - Pilates HIIT Yoga and Barre -right to your smartphone or laptop. 

Just click and I will do each move, exercise, stretch and pulse with you. 

You have nothing to think about- AT ALL.  Just log in with your username and password and click on that months collection of videos. Once you download the linked calendar -it directs you to your day’s workout!  You're going to love it! 

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Here’s how you’ll stay on track:

  • Day-by-day Workout Plan - log on click that month's collection, and have that day's workout ready-to-go

  • New Schedule - every month you get a delicious blend of mind body movement right to your inbox.

  • Weekly Motivation - via email to stay inspired!

  • ACCESS to me - You can reach me by email and I’ll get back to you:)

  • Need MORE Help? Schedule one free Chat 1-on-1 every month to discuss your goals and plan to get you results!

  • 100+ Workout Videos in the Workout Library - pick and choose what your body needs.

  • ALLLL the styles- , Pilates Mat. Pilates Props, Cardio HIIT, Core, Barre, Yoga, Mobility,  and more! 

  • Get funky- All workouts with Deep House Techno Future Bass and plenty of funk:)

    I program each month exactly how I program my personal training clients

    The longer you stay on, the more the on-demand library grows. I have an amazing line-up of classes coming your way that you DON'T wanna miss!

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Never have to worry about class pass cancellations,  parking fees or having to buy expensive Lululemon to match the gym crowd.

You told me you had  trouble making time for workouts, and struggling to stick to a routine. 

You wanted to save time and money and with at home workouts.

I’m going to show you the most FUN and effective monthly plan to keep you toned and motivated!  

Normally the plan will be 12.97 per month but if you sign up this week I’ll give you A 30 DAY TRIAL plus  30 percent off FOR THE FIRST 12 MONTHS.  

This is a crazy once in a lifetime deal!

For less than 3 boutique studio classes at a yoga OR one month at a high end gym-

You can have 13 months of done for you fitness from an experienced instructor featuring the best in electronic beats.....  

I know you're busy and most days the workouts are 20- 30 minutes- you can add more in with all the bonus playlists too!

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This is for:

  • Desk sitters- whether you’re a designer, developer, admin or a student or you commute A LOT

  • Busy babes trying to balance family and social and fitness lives 

  • Folks not knowing where to start pilates or shy students not wanting a big group experience

  • Frequent travelers that need hotel workouts

  • Busy moms trying to juggle kids and career and life

I was inspired to make Pilates FUN -I know working out can be a chore but its my mission to make you smile while you do it.  

Even if you didn’t finish the challenge- you can still get this great deal.  Get started on your journey to strength inside my fit plan- your new home for boutique quality Pilates workouts! 

This plan was created by me- Jessi Albin and I created the only electronic music based Fitness & Pilates subscription program that will give you consistency through monthly scheduled workouts and new workouts ADDED every month. 


What’s holding you back?

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Tone all over…..

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Bend don’t break.

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Pilates Unicorn Videos!