What I'll Miss About San Francisco

Six years ago I left New York City for my California adventure.

Since I was a little girl, it was my dream to be a California Girl.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful people I’ve met, the beautiful sites I’ve seen and most importably- the experience of seeing life from the west coast.

thank you san francisco

I felt stuck in Brooklyn and I wanted to expand my horizons….

I can honestly say this was the best thing I have done with my life! But my bags are packed and its time to go… before I do

Here’s what I’ll miss the most….

  • The best golden hours every day at sunset 

  • It’s the number one place to go plant based. The vegan pizza at Bare Knuckle Pizza and the brunch at Souly Vegan were my favorites!

  • Watching Karl the Fog from the hill tops of Dolores Park

  • Outdoor workouts can by done year round- it never gets too cold but the winter can be rainy..

  • Huge farmer markets EVERYWHERE!

  • The rainbows and unicorns all over- but especially in the Castro 

  • Stopping to smell the Rose Garden in the Berkeley.

  • So many festivals - I love having bare toes in grass,under a beautiful sky awhile music fills my ears.

  • Driving down Highway 1- hairpin turns and all!

  • Super sized super filling burritos in the Mission 

  • Being so close to the colorful and creative burning man community 

  • Always needing a hoodie!

  • Never needing a treadmill -with all those hills!!

  • Looking at the Golden Gate from Baker Beach. 

  • Pretty pastel houses everywhere you peep…

just keep moving

I had two goals when I moved here-

One was to learn how to fire dance. Click here to see it…

The other was to open a Pilates studio..

What I didn’t know 6 years ago - was that my studio would be online. If you haven’t checked it out yet click here.

Thank you California- I accomplished what I set out to and I’ll always love youuuu…..