Total Body Unicorn Magic Circle Workout

Unique Full Body Intense Pilates Ring

The unicorn is not known for its horn, beauty, or purity; But for its strength and courage as one.”

 – Nicole Beckwith

unicorn booty magic circle exercise jessi albin

Are you sick of the same old same old Pilates ring moves?

Are you craving some new moves with the Magic Circle?

I created this 25 minute intense workout to shake things up.

We will be squeezing the circle in a few new directions to maximize the muscle burn to tone you up fast!

To fully strengthen all angles of your core, expect a few new twists and turns that focus on the obliques, lower abs and booty.

unicorn pilates burpee jessi fit pilates pilates ring exercise

Learn to fly with a new take on burpees that will shape your core

Cardio does not have to be a chore! These full body moves will challenge your heart rate and strengthen your arms legs and abs!

Plus these functional moves with keep your step counts up and your spirits high.

unicorn squat magic cirle jessi fit pilates ring

“Everything is better with a unicorn.

Especially your workouts!

Grab your ring and let’s tone sculpt and smile through this 25 minute routine!

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