Quick Intense Pilates Ring Workout for Abs Buns & Thighs

quick intense booty magic circle exercise jessi fit pilates.png

Q: What do you get when you cross a pebble with a ring?

A: A Rock n Roll!

Let’s rock through this super fast Pilates Ring workout!

The Pilates Magic Circle is my absolute favorite home workout tool to tone your abs, thighs and hips. 

It’s inexpensive, effective and takes up very little space. 

magic circle quick intense workout pilates teaser jessi fi pilates.png

During your workouts you can use it to strengthen, align, tone and support your joints.

This intense series of exercises will help you lift your booty and keep your thighs toned. Let’s strengthen your entire core with a new twist on some old Pilates favorites….. 

After a quick warm-up to get you ready we will move through an intense series of booty exercises that will make you feel the burn.   We’ll also venture into side strengthening moves that focus on your obliques and hips. 

I added in Pilates Classics like the Teaser and Diamonds to set those abs and thighs on fire.

This can be on the advanced side but if your a beginner have no fear- stay tuned for the 7 day beginner pilates Challenge starting on June 3- more info below!