14 Day FIT Core Challenge

14 Days To getting fit, toned and fabulous.

Build Core Strength.

Tone abs, hips, arms and thighs. 

Improve flexibility and posture.

Feel confident and strong as you learn how to integrate fitness into your life AND on your time.

Develop the mindset to reach your full potential through Pilates, Yoga, and Fitness. We are going to do this together- from the comfort of your home, your living room, or even your hotel.

I’m on a mission to help busy babes, just like YOU, love their workouts and their bodies!  Join me for 12 workouts over 14 days featuring Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, Barre and all with the best underground beats.

Jessi FIT Pilates core Pilates 14 day fit core challenge

Let’s make working out FUN while saving you time and money! 

My motto is Strengthen, Stretch and Smile. I use everything I can to keep you feeling inspired and motivated so you look forward to your workouts.  I’m known for my Unicorn themed workouts and it’s all to get you into a fun head and make your workouts magical!

My goal is to get boutique fitness out of the studio and into your living room (or WHEREVER you need to be).  

Over the last 18 years I have worked with thousands of babes just like you to have amazing abs and backsides…. all while feeling freer in their bodies and to combat back pain.
I’ve worked in the tops Pilates and Yoga studios, along with both high end gyms and boutique studios in New York City and San Francisco.  

Now, I’m bringing it right to you.  

  • Quit taking an Uber just to get your ass to class.  

  • Go green and stop driving and flooding the world with CO2 fumes just to get your workout on. 

  •  And never deal with a Class Pass cancellation fee again.

Jessi FIT Piates ab moves 14 day fit Core Challenge

I envision a world where everyone is empowered to take fitness into their own hands.

Pilates has been my go to for results without workouts that leave you in pain.  

How would you feel if you could:

  • Look better?

  • Feel better ?

  • Have more energy?

  • Do more?

Tune in and learn how to create a healthy home workout program that will get you scheduled for success

This is for you if you want:

  • To Improve strength and energy levels

  • Fit better into your clothes

  • Boutique fitness without boutique prices

  • You want to get stretched and reduce tightness
    Reduce back pain from too much sitting
    Get mobile and improve your posture 

  • Live pain free.

I’ve carefully designed this challenge using my signature Flow Intent Technique ™️ method.  We will alternate between core strength, cardio focused  and yoga stretch  days.  This allows you to work on all the things that make for a healthy bod!

Learn how to incorporate small props. 

The secret sauce is in resistance.   We’ll be using dumbbells, therabands, and a magic circle.  These small tools will produce the greatest results at a very low cost.  You can get Reformer quality Pilates and I will be using my 15 year background in Pilates to meticulously craft the exercises.  

In just 20 minutes per day!

The full length follow along workouts vary from 16- 24 minutes, and there will be 12 of them.  Sundays will be a rest day.  Your body will need a day off and in case you missed a day you can catch up on Sunday.  I will be going live on on Instagram periodically so make sure you’re following me for the latest tips!  

Videos will be posted each day below…

 What You Need:

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prizes #14dayfitcorechallenge

To keep you motivated to stay on this path Im thrilled to partner with a few of my favorite female owned small businesses 

Grand Prize Winner Gets the Pilates Booty Pack!

Total Value $331.00

4 Second Place Winners:

One Year Online Training with Jessi’s FIT Plan ($119.97 Value)

Contest ends Monday Feb 4 at 9pm. PST. Winners to be announced Wednesday Feb 6 in my emails and Instagram stories and I will update it here.  Winners chosen at random. Winner has 24 hours to claim the prize or it will be given to the next randomly chosen participant. 

 Tips For The Challenge:

  • Drink LOTS of water- dry heating systems can up your chance of infections. Drink up to keep your immune system strong

  • Depending on your goals aim for at least 10,000 steps per day- walk or do one of my HIIT series from here if you need to make up steps

  • Eat more plants- aim to get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in! minimally

  • If you don't have a prop try to sub in another prop or redo any both vides you loved from the day before.

jessi fit pilates 14 day fit core challenge


Beginners can always opt to try my Beginner Pilates Series here.  Listen to your body as there will be some advanced progressions.  NEVER push past pain! Leave out an exercise that hurt- you can always skip ahead or modify.  I offer modifications throughout but always err on the safe side:)

Before you begin make sure you click here to grab the FREE goal planning worksheets I made for you!

Day 1

If you want a no equipment way to get the best workout on at home- this is it!

Pilates, yoga and strengthening moves are blended to core perfection!

Well mobilize the work though the whole core before moving on to balance and strengthening moves will challenge your whole body

This 20 minute mat workout will keep you grooving along with yoga and pilates and a deep house and beats to bliss you out…

Intermediate level pilates and yoga moves will be guided by Unicorn Jessi

Day 2

This is a Cardio based routine to feel a bit of a burn.

Raise your heart rate as you tone your legs in this  Endurance based Standing Pilates workout

By the adding dumbbells to Pilates, we increase the intensity of these core sculpting exercises! I’m using dumbbells but if you don’t have dumbbells try this with water bottles or soup cans in your hands

Day 3

Have you ever wondered what the best way to use the wall was for workouts? 

This 20 minute routine is a blend of yoga and pilates moves designed to limber you and help you feel more aligned. 

Set to chilled out tunes you will find more flexibility and feel greater ease in your movements.  Tune in with Unicorn Jessi today!

Day 4

This ultimate blend of Pilates Yoga and HIIT moves are designed to keep you feeling heated!

Stay trim from head to toe with these total body toning and shaping moves.

I set this to update underground house music to keep you motivated to keep your booty grooving! Grab a resistance band and join on in! No band, no problem -try it with an old pair of leggings- the stretchiness mimics the bands

Day 5

Magic Circle Workout for Strength  This 20 minute pilates ring routine will focus on your abs and arms.  Tone and strengthen your core and upper body at home unicorn style.  

Adding the Magic Circle really ups the intensity, and adds a new dimension to existing moves. 

Lets get unicorn get strong, slender and stretchy!  Grab your Pilates ring for a core workout like no other!  

Fun Fact: The Magic Circle was originally invented by Joseph Pilates from a beer keg!  He used the ring from the barrel to create this toning device..  More proof that Pilates can be fun!

Day 6

Yogalates Abs & Stretch Workout

Ultimate total body core and stretching flow.  Find balance with a blend of Pilates and yoga to strengthen, stretch and sculpt you to Kitty girl perfection. 

These full yoga poses and pilates core moves are the best way to release tension and develop core strength & alignment- all at home or wherever you lay your mat down.  Stay toned and feel fabulous

Day 7 -Rest Day

Did you know that constant stress can wreck havoc on your workouts?  

Stress can hinder your recovery- making you feel sore longer and lethargic- making it less likely that you’ll hit the mat again. 

How? Stress causes the hormone cortisol to act up and it affects everything from your skin and mood to your heart and digestion, and can leave you feeling like 💩…..If you hustle hard you need to rest!

Of course if you skipped a day and you want to go back and fulfill your challenge duty, check them all out above!

If not enjoy your off day, and don’t forget to schedule your workouts in for next week if you haven’t done so already.  Each one will be about 20 minutes

Rest Day Jessi FIT Pilates 14 day pilates Challenge

Day 8 

Target your hips big time with the Magic Circle! 

Tone slim and sculpt core legs bum and inner thighs

It's Grind Time 💯------today's  challenge is a Magic Circle workout is sure to bring you to a shake zone…

Day 9 

This Dumbbell Pilates Workout will help you develop Cardio and total body Strength

Focus on your core arms and legs for a total body heart tasing fun routine! Particular focus will be on arms butt and balance.

This blend of mindful movement will strength you from inside out...

Day 10 

If you’ve been looking for the best leg stretches- this is it! 

Lengthen your total body with stretches, core work and mobility exercises designed to stretch and strengthen you to feel longer and relieve tension.  

We’’ be using the strap but if you don’t have a strap just grab a towel or old t shirt- anything really will do.  These yoga and core moves will keep you feeling fab- press play!

Day 11 

This supercharged loop band 35 minute workout will sculpt your whole body! 

Its a full body band blast and we’ll be sculpting your total bod with this body slimming exercises designed to strengthen and tone

You’ll be workin abs arms butt back and hips!  No band no problem use an old pair of leggings and tie them around yourself!

Day 12

20 minute Cardio Slider Workout

Sweat and slide Pilates style!  Using sliders (or socks) we can mimic many of the reformer Pilates moves. 

These full body exercises will maximize your workout time!  let’s burn more calories with heart pumping moves to carve out more upper body and ab strength

Day 13 

It’s the final OFFICIAL workout of the #14DayFITCoreChallenge! Tune in on Instagram for Day 14 on 2/3 at 6pm EST live!

To celebrate our last day and to ease up sore muscles were going deep today!

Deep yummy stretches combined with core defining Pilates exercises will make you melt during this workout….

Day 14

REST DAY  You earned it:)

Tune in TODAY Sunday Feb 3 at 6pm PST for the Live Stream over on Instagram


I'm here for you every step of the way- comment below here on the blog or on  my Instagram posts for help!

It's about progress NOT Perfection

It's about creating a healthy routine and learning proper exercise techniques.   

You will tone your muscles and alleviate tension.