How To Use The Stretching Strap With Loops

Exercises with the Looped Yoga Strap & More!

Have you seen those looped out stretching straps? 

Have you been wondering how you can use them? 

Whether you’re a dancer or a desk jockey this flexibility tool may just give you a leg up on your flexibility!

double hamstring stretch with loop strap jessi fit pilates

The loops make it much easier for many poses then a regular ole yoga strap!  

They’re designed to help you hold a pose without sacrificing your form.   They can help you mimic partner assisted stretches more so than a regular band. The multiple sturdy loops allow you to control your movement and maximize the results of your routine.

You can hold one of the 12 loops that are seen in instead of  reaching awkwardly and excessively from your shoulders during moves like your forward bends. In both pilates and Yoga we generally aim to lengthen our spines and relax the shoulders. 

If you have tightness in your muscles your whole body can really benefit from using it!

Not only can you stretch your legs, shoulders, back, arms, hips but it can give you greater control of how deep you’d like to get into the muscles.

You can use it to mobilize your body as a warm up or cool down after a run, weight training session or anything in between. Keep in mind that cooling down with stretches will help you to prevent injury and can quicken your muscles recovery time


The loops can also be wrapped around your feet and hands in a very comfortable way- letting you stretch to your personal max easier.

This is great for yoga but even better for PNF or what’s called contract and relax stretching.  

With these stretches you engage the opposite muscles groups that you are trying to stretch, intensely. 

After the intense part you immediately follow up with a more relaxed traditional static stretch. You can repeat that for a few cycles and it triggers your nervous system to relx and let the muscle soften.  

This is a challenging technique that has been proven to increase flexibility more than static stretching.  It can be a great way to increase your mobility if done correctly. Variety is key in any plan to increase your flexibility gains when you have seemingly plateaued

If you have limited mobility the loops are also more convenient.

It allows you to quickly adjust- without having to untie and retie a loop or knot. 

This can be incredibly useful for elders in fitness as well as for back injuries or cases where moving may hurt or be un doable.

I loved the one Everstretch has sent me!

Check out a few more stretches you can do below!

Scroll to the bottom for the detailed 28 minute free workout video.

Use it to help melt away tension and restore mobility today!

hamstring and inner thigh stretching loop strap stretch jessi

I love the way that I can loop it around my ankle! This really helped my hip release from having to hold my leg bone up. My hamstrings always need an extra stretch and this allowed me to ease into this a bit deeper than I would be able to without the strap.

reverse plank shoulder stretch stretching loop jessi fit pilates

For a reverse plank the strap can provide more support to get deeper into this chest opening position. You can grip the closer placed loops to advance these moves- without sacrificing alignment.

There are so many ways to use it! You can really stretch your whole body in new ways and restore vitality back into your life! The loop strap is also used in physical therapy and by sports pros- but you can try these moves out anywhere any time!

#14DayFITCoreChallenge starts Jan 21….. Stretching will be a big part of it!