How To Stay Motivated All Year

The cold hard factss about New Year workout resolutions…

Brace yourself babes. 

Nearly 50 percent of people who begin an exercise program drop out … and drop out within the first 6 months. 

 The question is, “Why?”  What is it about sticking with a fitness routine that causes so many people abandon it?

The answer?  Motivation. 

It 's not just about wanting it bad enough. We all want health and fitness badly.

What we need help with is wanting it bad enough during the tough parts! 

Your challenge is to find out what motivates you to get serious about fitness and stick with it. The challenge is to really train your mind to think of the hard parts as means to a positive end.

How to Find your Why- Unlocking your motivation

You do not have to be part of that 50 percent who quit.  You can stay committed and finish strong.  It is all about finding what motivates you personally.

pilates motivation jessi

Here are some possible motivators for you.

1. Do it for your health.

Consistent exercise & healthier eating are the two very best things you can do for your health.  Develop a strong, healthy heart, reduce risks of cancer, prevent diabetes, keep a sharp mind & resist dementia and avoid aging ailments. Notice I said healthier eating. Not gojng on a rampage to revamp your entire eating belief system. Focus on one or two things you can add in to make your plate more nutritious.

2.  Do it to look better.

Appearance isn’t everything, but most of us care how we look.  A strong and healthy person just looks better than one that is dull and lifeless from being sedentary for hours.  .  And it isn’t all physical.  Your demeanor will change as you develop the confidence that comes from self care and stress relief  You will appear more energetic and confident because you will be more energetic and confident!

Additionally Pilates can really help your posture. When your core is developed you can stand taller and feel better when you walk move and play.

3.  Do it to relieve stress. 

Really!  It’s true  Exercise in all forms causes physical changes in your brain & nervous system that results in feelings of calmness and well-being.  In fact, you may get so hooked on the mental benefits of exercise that you will crave it! pilates and Yoga both have meditative effects and can be calming to your mind. When you focus on inhaling to the rythym of the movs it can start to teach you more mind body awareness. This can lead to reater feelings of well being.

4.  Do it to be strong. 

If you have never done focused mind body exercise, then you literally have no idea of the total transformation that you will feel after just a few weeks.  There is nothing like bending over to pick something up that normally results in a pinch, jab or any kind of twinge or pain, only to find out that it is a piece of cake!  And by getting strong now, you reduce your risk of age-related falls and fractures because you have the core strength and balance to keep yourself stable

Here’s the ONE thing you can do NOW…

Wanna change your mindset around exercise or any other task you HAVE to do???

For me it goes back to gratitude. Try saying THIS next time you HAVE to workout

“I’m thankful for my body and everything it does to me. Exercise is taking care of my body  This is my way of thanking it.”

exercise is fun jessi fit pilates

I really don’t advise that you look at exercise as punishment.  I try to think body and its abilities as a gift.  It is a gift that we get to make a choice around how our bodies feel in the world.

How can you discover the powerful motivators in your life? 

How can you be more gracious when you think of your body? 

Do what it takes to get yourself moving. 

Can you find out what makes sweating worth it for you? 

For more motivation, check out my e-book below, where I go through how to set realistic and attainable goals.