7 Ways To Use the Foam Roller

Did you know that the foam roller can relieve sore muscles and increase flexibility easily?   

Plus it can help you increase performance for your next workout!

The foam roller is such a great way to wind down after a hard workout or tense day.  It’s like giving yourself a massage without the expensive price tag. 

If you have been hitting your workouts hard but not resting enough- it leads to sore muscles and joint pain.

Your age and lifestyle choices are also big factors that triggers soreness and inflammation (read tight ach-ey muscles).

ways to use the foam roller jessi fit

There are several types of rollers at all different lengths but the most important factor for picking one out is the texture

The harder and rougher the surface- the more advanced the rolls will get- if you’re a beginner pick out a smooth one

Smoother is easier- rough surace will make the moves more challenging….

Smoother is easier- rough surace will make the moves more challenging….

Your height, will of course. play a factor for choosing length.

If you are taller you may need longer than a more petite gal.

The most common sizes are the 36 inch for long and the 18 inch for the smaller length. I shoe both in the video and how they can be used. You can check you local REI or Target if you’re unsure of the length, and hit the store IRL to try them out. Check to see if it’s long enough to lay your spine on it

Shorter lengths rollers are great to roll smaller areas like shoulders. Plus, you can use it like a block for many yoga poses.  

Foam Rolling Tips:

  • Don't go so hard, it should be slightly uncomfortable, not so painful that you bruise or are in intense pain

  • Don’t hold your breath! Try to exhale deeply as you get to tender points and pause before you inhale and slowly move again.

  • Don't go so fast!  Aim to move about 1 centimeter every 10 - 30 seconds- you should be moving slower as you hit tenser spots/

  • Don’t roll directly onto your joints or bone- Roll onto the belly or fully fleshier parts of muscles. Please do not smash your spine!

  • Don't be discouraged if you are super tight, Do start with smaller movements and build up at a pace right for you

  • Don’t haphazardly roll around…. Aim to roll each muscle group for 20- 30 seconds and as you advance up to 60- 90 seconds. Work your tighter side MORE not less then your stronger or less tense side.

The foam roller is one of my favorite home workout tools.

Besides rolling you can also use it for Pilates style-  core strengthening workouts.

Benefits of Using The Foam Roller

  1. Speed up the muscle healing process after workouts

  2. Reduces muscle knots & inflammation

  3. Improves joint circulation

  4. Help to correct muscle imbalances 

  5. Reduce stiffness and achy-ness

  6. Improve range of motion 

  7. Increase flexibility and mobility

7 ways to use the foam roller.png

Here are My Top 7 Ways to Use to Foam Roller!

If you are new to rolling- try this routine out three times per week with one day off in between.

If you are a seasoned roller and have built a base you can roll every day!

Click to the bottom for the full video!

midback foam roller jessi fir pilates foam roller pdf

Mid Back

  • Hands behind head- engage your cora and roll gently up and down using your feet to manipulate your weight

  • You can stretch back and hold for a chest opener

shoulder roll blog.png


  • Cross Arms to chest and roll onto one side to get behind the shoulder blade

  • Avoid rolling onto your new as it can be damaging to your delicate tissues.  You can roll up into your upper back and trapezius muscles

  • Keep abs tight and use your feet to guide out how deep you want your experience

lat roll.png


Your lats are the internal rotators (think about the muscles a bartender uses to pour drinks)  They run along your back and sides off your ribs…

  • Bring roller under the ribs as you lay on your side. 

  • You can lift top arm and bottom arm to adjust how much with you are playing on to your lats


These are just so tight on everyone!  I suggest trying to show them some love and keep them stretchy every day!

Copy of quads.png


  • Come to a pigeon type pose with the roller on your upper thigh. 

  • Bend the other leg to keep it out of the way. 

  • Keep chest open and arms strong so you don’t sink shoulders to ear.. Stay firm in your abs by pulling them in tight. Roll slowly down and up from hip to thigh.

You can also do this on two legs and with elbows bent.  If you cross one ankle on top of the other it will bring the bottom leg into a quad roll. This sends less wright it your uad then the pigeon version.

Copy of lat roll.png

Hip Flexor Lunge

Use the roller like block from a kneeling lunge position before you get into this next one!

hip stretch lunge.png

Hip Flexor High Stretch 

  • Place roller perpendicular to your body. 

  • Keep abs braced and hips heavy and level on the roller. 

  • Bend one knee in towards your chest and place opposite foot to the floor 

  • Use the foller to help you to open the front of your hip.

hip flexor.png

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