Power-Full Body Pilates Workout Flow

Looking for a new full body core toning Pilates workout?  Look no further!

Pilates is normally taught in sequences, so here are three separate videos.  

Each video/ sequence focuses on flow- how we move from exercise to the next, to keep your whole body engaged, as you focus on the muscle burn in one spot.  The workout will get progressively harder in each sequence so midday if you need to and don't be afraid to skip an exercise if it causes pain.

First well start with a Standing Cardio Warm Up. 

No equipment for this one, just your body weight.  We’ll perform full body dynamic rhythmic movements designed to wake up your joints and heart rate.   A warm up can set you ip properly mentally and pyscallu for the workout.  It helps to loosen up your joints and increases your circulation.

Just try each move as shown -Beginners try 30 seconds of each with a 10 second rest if needed.  More experienced students can do 60 seconds of each with a 15 second rest max in between.

You can also use this workout sequence anytime you need an energy boost.  If you want more heart pounding work feel free to complete the exercises in this video two or even three times through.

  • March
  • March & Twist
  • Mach Kicks
  • Kick & Twist
  • Squat to Heel Lift
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Joes Jacks


  • Keep Spine tall- the crown (top) of the head stays reaching high.
  • Sides if the waist stay long- don't lift hips as you lift knees in the marches.
  • Twisting motions come from your waist- not from neck.
  • For Squats- bend at knee hip and ankles.  Keep knees over mid foot and send hips back.
  • During the jacks,land softly toes, balls heels.  Think about landing on toes then rock to balls of feet then heels before springing back up!

Pilates Planks and Pikes

Upper body and core focus is next in this series.  Did you know that planks are the most effective way to tone your abs? We will mobilize our spine and hips as flow through plank variations that work the muscles in your torso and arms.  Additionally the Pikes (also known as downward facing dog in yoga) will give the back of your legs a satisfying stretch.  

  • Cat Cow
  • Pike To Cow
  • Pike Knee Taps
  • Pike Runners
  • Side Elbow Plank
  • Side Elbow Plank - Arm & Leg Lifts
  • Side Elbow Plank - Bottom Leg Reach
  • Thread the needle
  • Sexy Cat

Beginners try 5-10 reps each move, more experienced fitsters can try 15 each.


  • Abs are engaged around the spine and squeeze glutes to keep torso stable
  • Bring shoulder blades together onto your spine and chest open, with long arms- especially during pikes.
  • Keep your neck in line with spine, look forward not back to your feet.  Also be sure not to let your shoulders creep up to your ears.
  • Stabilize shoulders over hands for cat moves
  • During Side Elbow moves:
  • Bottom forearm is directly under bottom shoulder. ❤️
  • Staggering the feet will be easier than stacking them.
  • Keep lifting top hip up with a long waist, try not to sink into your bottom arm and shoulder- use that core to stay lifted!

Pilates Rolling Flow

One of the major differences in Pilates and other workouts is Rolling.  It is all about core strength and control and you will see it often as it helps you to focus in on the deep deep ab muscle known as traverse abdominus.  We brace our abs tight around our spine to control the speed of the movement.   This helps us to deepen our muscle coordination and build longer, lengthened ab muscles that better protect our spine. .  

Pilates was originally called Contrology- when Joseph Pilates was alive ( it was named after him, post humorously after 1967).  He was the original proponent of slow and controlled strength training, and he preached about avoiding ballistic moves in favor of more refined joint placement. 

Try a few and use the video and tips to help you through.  these moves are completely abdominal focused and you'll get lots of mobility too!  

Beginners try 5- 10 of each More experinced fitters can try 10- 15 of each.

  • Half Roll Up
  • Reverse table Lift
  • Rolling Like A Ball
  • Combo - Ball and Roll Up


  • Roll down and up the mat one vertebra at a time- tuck your tailbone slightly to initiate the low back to mat.
  • Try not to excessively round the upper back, drop the shoulders and widen the front of your chest as you suck the abs super tight to your low back.
  • During Table, engage the upper back tight to spine to open the front of your torso and press into feet to lift hips high.
  • Never roll your body weight onto your neck
  • Exhale as your roll up or come up and inhale as you roll back, exhaling can help you to find your abs.

Try all three of these sequences in a row for a Power Full Body pilates wokout flow.   To increase the intensity and muscle burn try doing two sets of each sequence- just rewatch and do all the moves again.  


Feel free to share with your bestie so she can do the Pilates workout with you!


Photo Credit: Stephanie Hirasawa


First Video Music Credit: “Forever Believe” by Jason Shaw

From the Audionautix.com

Second & Third Video Music Credit: “Coffee and Time” by PC III

From the: freemusicarchive.org