Partner Pilates Workout- 29 Moves to Do with a Friend

Bored with exercising alone?

Grab a friend and let’s sculpt outdoors.  In this workout two is definitely better than one. 

Research shows that partnering with a friend can help you stick to your fitness program.  You'll have a built in accountability partner to fast track you to your goals, as well as someone to cheer you on as you approach that last rep in your ab workout!. 

It can also turn a dull and boring workout into a Pilates session full of challenges & smiles!

I had the absolute delight of meeting up with Jill Harris in Japantown, San Francisco.  We grabbed small Pilates balls, and O Bands.  The boxes we used are for reformers, but you can use a mat on top of a staircase outdoors or indoors. To learn the techniques and moves, please watch the video below.  


Here are some Outdoor Pilates Workout Tips:

  • Use sunscreen, we don't want you to burn or get wrinkles.
  • Sunglasses, we forgot, but here's your reminder.
  • Be very aware of your surroundings!  Check surfaces for smoothness, broken glass and bird and or dog 💩. 
  • Watch out for bystanders, that may get in the way of your (camera) or sweeping legs.
  • If you're in an urban area, please watch your belongings.  Please don't lose your phone, try a fanny pack
  • Stay hydrated, especially in the summer, bring that water bottle!


Here’s a fun fact about Jill, she's a veteran Pilates local San Francisco instructor.  In addition to teaching some seriously fun and creative pilates work outs she is also the founder of FitSprings, suspension system.  This innovative creation combines dance, pilates cardio and functional training.  Check her out on Instagram at @informedbody or online at

Make sure you are following me on Instagram too, I post daily over there and both Jill and I want you to have fun with Pilates soon! @jessifitpilates




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