How to Do A Perfect Plank

As a fitness instructor, my main job is to teach you to safely perform exercises.  The plank is one of my favorite bodyweight moves, and I want to see everyone execute this pilates workout staple perfectly.  

Did you know that this move is more effective then crunches at training you abs and core? 

The main function of your abs are to keep your spine leg and supported, without them we would not be able to stand up!  When we go horizontal to a plank it forces gravity differently.  It challenge the muscles in your midsection to engage harder so your spine doesn’t drop. 

5 Key Benefits of Planks: 

Be sure watch the 1 minute video to learn the best form for your workouts!

Planks are compound movements.  Compound movements are multi joint action and work more muscles, which in turn work your body more then isolation exercises. This can help to speed up your metabolism by recruiting more muscles and burning more calories.

1.  Planks help your posture. 

With your hands on the mat, you activate not only core muscles, but also upper body.  This in turn helps to strengthen the shoulders and rotator cuff muscles as well as lower back.  These muscle groups are all active when we sit or stand tall.  Additionally we work in neutral spine when we plank which helps to build our body awaeeness- useful for posture and our pilates workouts!

2.  Planks are easier on your back than crunches.

Simply because the action of flexing the spine or crunching can irritate the bones or vertebra of the spine.  If you are looking to create length in your torso planks are superior as they train yourmidsection to create space for those bones.  Since planks strengthen your core, they can also help to reduce back pain.

If you have any injury please use caution before starting a plank or any exercise plan.

3.  Planks can help flexibility

In the plank position the back of your thighs or hamstrings have an opportunity to stretch.  This position can also help to lengthen calf muscles which are in the back of your shins.  this can help to alleviate the effects of sitting too much, which softens those muscles

4.  You can also try planks as a warm up before your workouts.  

They are such a great way to fire up your core and prepare you for deeper and tougher workouts ahead!

5.  Planks tone your whole body

To execute a perfect plank, you target all of the muscles in your trunk, like abs, as well as your chest and shoulder and scapular muscles.  The lower body acts as stabilizers, so you truly fire up so many muscles at once!  This is called a compund exercise.  moves like this can help you shape up faster as opposed toisolation type exercies.  

Heres a quick video to learn the best form!

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