7 Ways To Tone Your Thighs At Home

Do you want to tone your thighs with no equipment?  These Pilates and Barre moves will hit the area you always ask for me to work - Butt and Thighs.  Follow along, summer is coming.....

  • Try doing one set of all the exercises in a circuit style, so one set of the first move then one of the 2nd move and then the 3rd...
  • Beginners try 8-12 repetitions of each move for each leg.
  • For more of a booty challenge try 12- 20 of each
  • After you finish the first set, you can complete a second set, make sure to keep good form!


I am working hard on my Online Pilates Studio and I plan on launching in just a few weeks!  Stay tuned for more details here soon.  In the meantime make sure you are following me on Instagram as I post Pilates workouts a few times per week for you!