Super Sculpt Unicorn Magic Circle - Week 1 for #HalloweenFITFun

Abs Butt Thigh Pilates Ring Workout

Let’s kick off shall we? I just hope that my unicorn puns won’t be too corny for you…

Nobody could tame the stallion unicorn; that best was just horn to be wild.

pilates magic circle unicorn super sculpt Jessi fit pilates Halloween workout.png

Are you ready for Halloween?

It may be feeling like fall but so often my outfits get smaller this time of year…

The Magic Circle is my go to for butt, thighs and abs exercises at home. 

If you’re looking to super sculpt before you suit it up into your super hero tights this yeear- I GOT YOU

unicorn sculpt magic circle side lying jessi fit pilates

I’m setting off this Halloween season with a lots of unicorn sparkles.  

This 27 minute workout will target your legs, thighs, abs, butt, hips, obliques. 

Get ready to get super sculpted- Pilates Unicorn Style

Stay tuned for the Instagram Giveaway- I’m teaming up with a few of my favorite brands to make your Halloween season super special this year

Arabesk, Gorilla Mats and Hey Homebody CBD Bath Soaks have so far agreed to sponsor so make sure you’re following me on the gram to be able to win it…

pilates unicorn  #halloweenfitfun super sculpt .png