5 Day Magical Morning Challenge

Do you struggle to wake up in the morning?

Does your whole body ache and feel tight when you get up?  

Learn to start your day right, relieve tension and feel amazing and energized!

Let’s transform your mornings into your favorite time of the day!

With Pilates Yoga Smoothies and More

This challenge was brought to you by  Crave Mattress - we want you to power through your day with joy!

This challenge was brought to you by Crave Mattress- we want you to power through your day with joy!

Welcome to my FREE 5 Day Magical Morning Challenge!   

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Start this 5 day challenge and feel ready for anything every morning!

Learn Pilates Yoga & Nutrition from a REAL expert with 18 years and over 24,000 hours of experience.

Feel fabulous FIRST thing in the morning

Here’s what you get:

  • Stretches and Strengthening exercises designed to energize your day

  • Integrate self care into your whole day by starting RIGHT

  • Easy to follow step by step videos.

  • Live streams so you can ask questions!

  • Smoothie Recipes & Hacks

  • Motivational habits to keep you focused and on the path to fitness success

  • Learn to incorporate fitness into your day and feel connected to your body

  • Less back pain & muscle stiffness as you tone and strengthen your core.

With quick fun workouts set to that you don’t even need to get out of bed for!

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Let’s start it right and start it tight!

My goal is to get you up and moving!

In 5 days I’ll teach you everything you need to get your day started on the right foot!

Each video is follow along- meaning I will do each move, with you.  Plus every Ill go live on Instagram and then post the videos here- comment or dm me any of your questions!

It’s about creating healthy habits and learning to start your day with self-care- exercise and proper nutrition are what your body needs to fuel itself and to maintain your muscles and posture.

When you set your day intentionally, you set the tone for more success at work and at home

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Here are the deets:

  • 5 Days- 3 Workouts here on the blog

  • 6- 9 minute Fun workouts that you can do in bed!

  • All levels can partake

  • On Day 4 We will do a live Smoothie making session and workout

  • Day 5 will also be a LIVE workout and its gonna be a Sweat Sesh- after the morning mobility well get into some cardio moves to add an extra umph!

  • You don’t even have to get out of bed for these workouts!

Caution! these moves are gentle but always listen to your body and omit moves that cause pain


To keep you motivated to stay on this path I’m thrilled to offer a prize!

Grand Prize Winner Gets 3 Online sessions with Jessi

Total Value $250

3 First Place Winners get 1 session with Jessi

Contest starts on Instagram September 17 and ends Sunday, September 22 at 9 pm. PST. Winners to be announced Wednesday, September 29 in my emails and Instagram stories and I will update it here.  Winners are chosen at random. Winner has 24 hours to claim the prize or it will be given to the next randomly chosen participant. 

Wanna win?  

  1. Follow me on Instagram and Crave Mattress

  2. Comment on Tuesday, September 21 with “I’m In”

  3. Bonus points:

  4. Comment on any of the YouTube videos in the 5 Day Magical Morning Challenge Series!

  5. Do the workout of the day and take a photo or video of you doing the workout,. Or of your workout set-up if you don’t like being on camera.  Tell me in the caption how the workout made you feel!

  6. Post on your Instagram Feed! (stories do not count towards prizes)  Use hashtag #5DayMagicalMorningChallenge and #strengthenstretchsmileand tag me  and (make sure you're following both pages!)

    Remember, this is not a competition!  I won’t be judging the entries they will be chosen at random!!!!

This is about feeling good & learning to take care of yourself in an increasingly demanding world.

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Day 1. Lower Body Stretch

Let’s get started with a le stretch that will loosen you in all the right places and help you find better posture during your day.

Day 2. Pilates Abs

Give me just a few minutes to blast your core and help you start your day with firmer abs and obliques.

Day 3 Upper Body Stretch

Todays Stretch will focus on arms back neck and shoulders before you even jump out of bed. If your neck gets knotty at night this is for you

Day 4 Instagram Live Smoothies & Sun Salutes

Filmed LIVE on Insta as I walk you through my super quick smoothie. Then we’ll run through a Yoga Sun Salutation

After the LIVE ends Ill post up here as soon as I can

Day 5 Instagram Live Stretch & Sweat Sesh!

Saturday September 21 9am EST

FINAL DAY and we save the best for laaast. Let’s make it a sweaty Saturday LIVE with some stretches and some cardio moves designed to shake you out of your slumber.

This 30 minute Pilates HIIT & Stretch Full body Cardio workout you can do first thing is going to make your morning magical!

Let’s get started with a stretch that will revive you then we'll go into a hardcore Pilates Cardio section before ending with a final stretch Filmed LIVE in IG.