How To Use the Exercise Ball

How to Use the Ball with Pilates

Let’s get ready to wobble!

When you first use the ball you may find that it its a little shaky and don’t be alarmed!  You’ll need to use your core to stabilize the ball….  Ball workouts are a great way to train those deep ab muscles!

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You’ve probably seen these big balls bouncing around at your local studio or gym but did you know its a great way to spice up your Pilates and home workouts?

Here are some of the benefits:


Improves your balance & hip strength & body awareness.  Plus the ball can be used in a variety of ways to stretch with support!  Many exercises can be done to open the hips, chest, shoulders and more!


Many floor exercise are made more challenging from the stability work the ball gives, and athletes use it for sports performance advancements.  Having to keep the ball still not only strengthens your body it also works on your proprioception (awareness of where you are in space)

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The ball also increases the amount of muscle fibers used on exercises such as crunches- making them more effective at toning and improving strength.  The ball also offers more low back support making the crunch safer.

Injury prevention

Because you have to use your abs to brace your spine and stabilize the ball it can be a great way to improve spinal stability and posture and perhaps decrease back pain 


The ball can give you more range of motion on many exercises many exercises likes squats and this in turn gives you more movement possibilities and choices!

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Remember that your core is made up of your abs low back and trunk muscles so using them more effectively gives way to increased sports performance and daily life activities

Be sure to pick out the right size for you!   

I’m 5’6 inches and I used a 55 cm ball.  By contrast my husband is 6 feet tall and he finds this ball to be too small- he would need a 65 cm ball. 

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