7 Fitness Hacks for the Holidays

 Between all the yummy food, shopping, social obligations and travel- it can seem daunting to stick to your fit goals.

 I’ve never been one to shy away from a party and I don’t expect you to either.  If you can plan a little ahead I promise you can enjoy a lot….

Here are my best hacks for maintaining your health and fitness during the hustle of the season…

holiday fitness hacks jessi fit pilates

1.  Just Keep Moving

Whether it’s pilates walking running hiit or yoga-have a few routines you can do with no equipment. 

There are so many bodyweight style routines -even if its cold where you live- have a movement plan you can do anywhere! 

You can also take the stairs instead of elevators and park your car further during errands.  Small steps add up!

2.  Just Stay hydrated-

esp if you’re drinking.

For every alcoholic drink you consume try to slurp dow at least a glass of water.  Plus water  can help to satiate you and it is essential for good digestion- which may be necessary if you have eaten a bit more.

3.  Schedule your Exercise 

Aim for the Morning..

It is way easier to get your workout in if you’re doing it before any wakes up!   If you have family members you want to include- ask them to join on in to double the holiday workout fun.  Schedule it together into your calendars and hold each other accountable!

christmas fitness tips jessi fit pilates

4.  Don’t Skip Sleep!

 It can just make you irritable and unlikely to make healthier choices.  I know it’s hard with all the festivities, but sleep deprivation will rob you of a good time tomorrow. Try to stick to a normal sleep cycle as it will give you better quality shut up.

And never underestimate the power of a power nap mid day!

 5. Bring Exercise Bands 

Or straps inflatable balls and other small workout props. 

There are so many small props to do Pilates with that wont take up space in your luggage! 

While we’re on the subject of packing- don’t forget your sneakers for those long walks.

6. Do Creative workouts!

If you’re on holiday use surrounding for a unexpected fitness challenge- climb stairs if you’re in a building, hike if you’re in nature, and if you go somewhere fun- visit a local dance or fitness studio.

If it’s snowing go snow-shoeing or build a snowman! 

holiday fitness hacks jessi fit pilates santa

7. Indulge for a Night

try not to indulge the entire season.

Food is tied in to celebrations and celebrations like food are a lovely part of life.  I think its great to treat yourself but -12 days of Christmas treats means you may not be filling up on essential nutrients needed that will be found in leafy greens and whole grains and leaner proteins. 

Whenever possible make sure your daily diet includes your fruit and veggies so you meet your fiber and vitamin needs which will also help you to feel satiated- which we know sugar doesn’t!

If you have a few days off check out my FREE 5 day fit challenge below…

Get Fit Have Fun! Tone up, Strengthen, mobilize & increase energy, Reduce pain tension & flab.

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Happy Holidays!