How to Do Pilates with a Band

Have you been wondering the best way to use the band?  Do you need a new way to strengthen your core and stretch your whole body?

If you want an effective Pilates workout at home with a piece of equipment that fits in your pocket read on

These bands are technically called resistance bands- and they add resistance yo your workouts! 

Resistance training helps to increase metabolism by increasing your lean mass, Reduces your risk of osteoporosis by building bone mass, reduces risk of heart diseases which is the leading killer of adult women and Can help to alleviate back pain

Here are some of the benefits using resistance bands:


When you stretch the bands you create tension which contracts your muscles- strengthening them and helping you tone up.. Stretch the band, and the more intense the exercises gets.  


Because you can pull or press harder or less intensely one prop can be adjusted to many different levels with just one prop

Support & Stretching

Resistance band training improves your balance & coordination & body awareness by assisting you in some movements.  Many floor exercises that are too challenging due to flexibility constraints are made more accessible with the band,

With a long band you can stretch your legs by strapping a band around your foot instead of struggling to reach your hand to your foot.  You can deepen your stretches safely and gently


 It is literally the only Pilates prop you can fit comfortably in your back pocket!  At home or on the road this exercise tool will take up very little space.


You can find these on amazon or target or TJ Maxx for less then 10 bucks- they can last quite  few years under heavy use.

Reap the benefits by adding strength based band workouts in 3 times per week. 

Since its #MarchMATness I went with a Classical Pilates flow.  Check out the below video for a quick beginner pilates workout with the band

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