Classic Pilates Magic Circle Workout #MarchMatness

Classic Intermediate Magic Circle Workout

There is no better way to celebrate #MarchMatness then with a Magic Circle workout!

Joseph Pilates originally used beer barrel wraps to make this portable exercise apparatus!

Thankfully we can buy them on Amazon or at Target these days:)

Pilates open leg rocker with magic circle jessi fit pilates

The Pilates magic circle works on symmetry and the Magic’s in the circular shape. It helps you find proper alignment and can add a huge strength component.  I love the way I can Focus on form much more with this ring.

 It’s hard to keep it stable during certain moves and this will help to develop that core stability and get you toned up. 

In this workout well be moving through a classic intermediate Pilates workout.  !  I’ve taken these tried and true pilates and added some spicy circular variations. 

Try it out and let me know how it goes!  

Wanna dive deeper into the classic Pilates? Peep them move by move below.