7 Ways to Clean Your Home Gym Sustainably

How often do you wash off your mat? 

What about your dumbbells?

With spring here I can see the sun shining in such a way that it really displays all dust all over my home studio!  Let’s keep it tidy Pilates style… 

Since it’s Earth Month I wanted to show you how I keep my cleaning green, too!  Wipes and harsh chemicals are not so great for the planet.  See below for alternatives that will be easier on the earth and your wallet!

Sustainable Tips to Spring Clean Your Home Gym

1. Mats 

In  commercial settings you’ll want to scrub these after each use - and rightfully so!  Who wants to lay their face down where a stranger might have had their feet?  But what about your home mat?

If you share a mat - even with a loved one- I recommend that you clean after each person uses.  Personally I break out a lot and I do not need my husbands skin’s oil in addition to mine!

But if it’s yours and yours alone?  Personally I wipe mine off with a micro fiber reusable cloth.  About every three or four days I spray down mine down with a solution of water, a few drops of Dr Brommer’s and Tea Tree Oil.

home gym cleaning tips

If your mats need a deeper cleaning- they are getting smelly or look dirty- try adding some white vinegar and lavender oil to the above mix and use hot water. 

The vinegar will clean it- the lavender will help it smell fresher and sweeter.  Wet a cloth down with the hot solution and wipe your mat down- both sides!  Then hang it to dry in your shower or on a clothesline.

As we get into warmer temps, the flip flops and sandals will come out.  Try to wash your feet off before you hit the mat to avoid more dirt getting there- and to keep bacteria and germs off.

earth day pilates magic circle

2.  Magic Circles

You can wipe these down with a sponge and a soapy solution of water dish soap or Dr. Brommer’s and a tiny bit of white vinegar with BUT they should be checked every few months for wear and tear. 

If you use them heavily and they start to weaken it may be time to replace it. 

Over time the harder you squeeze it may make it weaker and brittler and less effective!  If the exercises are getting easy, it may be time to spring for a new circle…

Please note that brands like Balanced Body and Stott Pilates make fitness circles that are a bit more expensive than what you’ll find on Amazon or in Target.  These are made better and sturdier so the investment is also a greener option.  

3.  Dumbbells

Your best bet here is to also wipe down with a sponge and dish soap- but make sure to dry immediately with a dry towel if they are metal.

If you work out in a communal setting - you will want to do this more often then you probably have.  These are notoriously loaded with germs and other various things left by the hands before you…. 

And get in the habit of religiously washing hands in gyms, it is your best bet to ward off germs that you may pick up from any props.

sustainable fitness dummbbells

4.  Bands and Mini Bands

Many of these may be made of latex so it is not recommended to use soap or cleaners chemicals break down the latex  You can wipe down with a damp sponge.  

It is also very important to check to see if the rubber has weakened or become brittle.  If it has it is time for some new rubber… 

5.  Balls 

If your ball is made of latex see above!  many are made of plastic so using a tiny but of soap or tea tree d=should be good here.  This is all a great time to check on the inflation and fill em back up if its getting saggy….

how to clean your resistance  band

6.  Your Space

When you workout you breath deep. If you start kicking up your feet during HIIT you’ll be breathing  dust in. 

Make sure to keep your workout area dust free and if you’re own carpeting vacuum it regularly to keep your lungs free and clear of nasties like mites….

7.  Workout Clothes

I have been living in spandex since i started my career many years ago.  With the proliferation of expensive athleisure, your entire paycheck could be going towards your tricked out leggings and sports bras.  Of course, always check the labels for each garments advice..

But the ONE thing that will destroy your spandex is the DRYER.  Do not tumble dry anything that’s stretchy as the heat breaks down the synthetic materials in it. 

Dryers emit gas when they run so save the precious planet and be nicer to your clothes,  I swear by this for keeping my bright activewear looking fresh and fab!

I hope you enjoyed these green tips!

Feel free to share with your friends.

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Photos by @bodymovesphotography @stephanie_hirasawa