How CBD Can Help Your Workouts

Have you been wondering how CBD can help your Pilates practice? 

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CBD is having a very popular moment right now and it’s popularity is rising  amongst the fitness buffs NOT the stoners!    

CBD is short for Cannabidiol and it is one of the 80 naturally occurring chemical compounds in the hemp plant.  CBD is similar in chemical structure  to  endocannaboids.  Endocannaboids are naturally found  in the human body- and they may be responsible for the “runners High” feeling 

CBD does NOT get you high- the high feeling is from the THC chemical in the plant.  There are no psychoactive reactions with CBD is commonly sold in oils, tinctures and salves.

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Here are the main benefits:

  • Helps reduce inflammation after exercise

  • Supports a sense of calm

  • Helps to support management of normal everyday stresses

  • Helps to support healthy sleep cycles

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use it:

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Pre Workout

If there’s a million things on my mind and Im feeling extra stressed and unable to get into my focused “zone”, I turn to CBD to help me zen out before my workout..

I’ve been loving Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil before I hit my mat…  

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Post Workout

After a hard HIIT or Pilates session it’s time to roll with salve!  Rubbing CBD salve into my neck and shoulders helps to melt any post pilates tension away from my neck…

This Botanical balm from Charlotte’s Web smells great 

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Post Shower

When I’m sore from head to toe this CBD infused cream will help to put some pep back in my step!

CBD can also help your skin!  This Clay and Lavender face mask from Santa Cruz Medicinals has been helping me to clear out those post workout pimples. Blemishes are inflamed skin and the cbd can benefit your pores too!

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Have you tried CBD before? 

Comment below and tell us your experiences with it!

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