15 Ways to Lengthen and Strengthen your Muscles on the Roller!

With summer coming, and those LOONG summer drives, who doesnt want a way to counterbalance tightness and theat naggingpain in the butt from hours of it not moving..  So here's a full length Foam Roller Beginner Workout to Strengthen and Stretch you out!  

In just 20 minutes we'll roll out the muscles, helping to break up tense knots and increase circulation. Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release.   It gets rid of tension, stiffness and tightness in your muscles.  

Then we'll strengthen with some Pilates Ab exercises that will strengthen your core.  The video can stand alone as a beginner pilates workout.  Or it can used as a warm up or cool down for intense activities like running, biking or interval training.

Why you may feel tight:

  1. Sitting at your desk, in your car, or on your couch all day can ,all leading to bad posture. 
  2. Sitting weakens your back and glutes and core muscles and tightens your hips and thighs.  
  3. An old injury that causes shifts in your daily life activites. Also repetitive movements, whether from sports or from typing. 
  4. Working out too hard or overtraining, can cause knots to form in the muscles. 
  5. Too little sleep or recovery time to heal muscles- and it lead to us feeling tight AND  tired. 

Benefits of Foam Rolling:

  1. Speed up the muscle healing process after workouts.
  2. Help to correct muscle imbalances and increase blood flow and healing. 
  3. Reduce stiffness and soreness, feel better!
  4. Improve joint range of motion so you can get stretchy. 
  5. Tackle stronger side imbalances, like runners or cyclists who may lead with one leg. Driving also favors one side.

If you don't have a roller here's a link :



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