Pilates Wunda Chair Workout

“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking, nor outright purchase”

Joseph H. Pilates

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It would be wishful thinking that the Pilates Wunda Chair was easy!

I got a request for a challenging cardio workout on the Pilates Chair. 

I’m also super excited to show you this because it’s one of the first videos in my new NYC apartment.

I’m happy to be settling in and sizzling up some new moves for you. 

Speaking of apartments, did you know that joseph Pilates originally invented the chair so it could fit into small spaces?  Yes!  Joe knew the realities of tiny cramped urban apartments as a New Yorker himself!

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The Wunda Chair only has 2 or 4 springs depending on your model and it’s a great way to strengthen your whole body. 

It’s much smaller than a Pilates Reformer and I think many of the moves are more challenging here.  Plus there are very few laying down moves here- we’ll be upright.  You can flow from one move to the next easily as your mobilize lengthen and strengthen.

Especially in this advanced routine.  I created this video by request!  Don’t forget to email me or DM yours.

This is an advanced cardio focused routine-

It is not meant for beginners or newbies- so try it at your own risk. 

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