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Instant Pot Recipe- Vegan Gluten Free Bourbon Chili

I am LOVING my Instant Pot!  It makes cooking so much faster and easier! 

If you’re busy and don’t have hours to mess around with meal prepping I highly recommend you get one!  

We purchased one a few months ago and started our search for the best recipes.   Not all of the ones we found were easy to pull off so there is a bit of trial and error in the beginning….

This recipe from Darling Vegan did not disappoint!

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Tropical Acai Smoothie Bowl

Are you looking for a way to transport yourself to a tropical island?

Frozen fruit and acai can be enjoyed all year- whether spring has spring or not in your hometown!  Freeze dried fruit can also help you get tropical vibes on your breakfast radar. 

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Hormone Balancing Smoothies

Being healthy means the body- and all its functions are all in harmony.  If you are looking to achieve more well being and less tiredness listen up….

Hormones control and effect almost all of your body’s functions- everything from your brain’s responsibility - (memory and movement) , metabolism and digestion to , healing and repair abilities, a well as your reproductive systems. 

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Happy National Peanut Butter Day!

How To Make A Healthy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Try this Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie Bowl for your next breakfast or snack or dessert.  It tastes like a chocolate peanut butter cup but miraculously without any high fructose syrup or dairy. 

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Soup's On - 4 Ways to Warm Your Winter

Just in time for the chilly winter weather lets stay on top of our nutrition (and WARMTH) with hearty yummy soups!  Instead of reaching for creamy and fatty soups try these!  

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