RistRoller- Mini Foam Roller

Have you ever wanted to roll the tiniest muscles on your wrists, toes, or shoulders?  

The crew at RistRoller reached out to me & I was intrigued by this teeny tiny foam roller - they even printed a few up with my logo on it.

It is a small roller with big impact- throw it in your packet- and consider it a massage therapist you can take with you anywhere.


The RistRoller is a mini foam Roller designed for use on hands and feet!

It’s totally portable and great for runners, dancers, gamers, computer workers or anyone who uses their fingers and toes a lot! 

The small size makes it perfect for wrists and other hard to reach delicate joints. 

It is great for relief from muscle tension and it is highly recommended by many massage and occupational therapists.

People suffering from plantar fasciitis or carpal tunnel may find it useful. 


Here are some of the benefits of foam rolling:

  • Rolling is a form of self myofascial therapy. In other words a massage. (Without the price tag)

  • The RistRoller can safely roll hard to reach and small boned areas such wrists, forearms, elbows and top tops and bottoms of your feet.

  • Helps to prevent injury by increasing blood flow and reducing lactic acid -the stuff that makes your muscles sore.

  • Relieves tension in muscles, ligaments and joints. 

  • Helps to decrease post exercise recovery time- This  enables you to train harder than if you were sore

  • Increased joint range of motion which can help to increase athletic performance 

tricep upper arm roll rist roller jessi fit pilates foam roller-2.png

Triceps & Upper Arms

Roll the back of arms from elbow to shoulder.

Copy of tricep upper arm roll rist roller jessi fit pilates foam roller.png

The Tops of Feet

and toes can gently be rolled out.

shoulders foam roller rolls  rist roller jessi fit pilates foam roller.png

Under Shoulder Blades

and other hard to reach sopts on your upper back and sides.

fore arms and wrists  foam  roll rist roller jessi fit pilates foam roller-2.png

Lower Arms

includes your wrists and forearms.

If you type a lot or play sports like tennis this can provide relief

calves lower leg foam  roll rist roller jessi fit pilates foam roller-2.png

Back of Calves

I always get such tense knots here…

toes feet foot mobility foam roller exercise  rist roller jessi fit pilates foam roller.png

Toes & Arches

This is great if you’ve been wearing heels!

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